Is Virtual PBX Right for Your Business?

Is Virtual PBX Right for Your Business?

We have looked at How to Choose the Right Virtual PBX, the Benefits of a Virtual PBX for your business and What a Virtual PBX is. But how do you know that a Virtual PBX is the right choice for your particular business?

8 Questions to see if a Virtual PBX is right for your Business

If you can answer yes to any of the below then a Virtual PBX could be the right communication solution for your business:

1. You have between 10 and 100 users in the business that will use the system.
Why? A Virtual PBX is the perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses.

2. You have a mobile workforce.
Why? As a Virtual PBX system is not placed on site but rather hosted remotely, your workforce can communicate and receive calls to their cell phone wherever they are and at any time.

3. You have branches located in different areas that need to communicate with one another.
Why? A Virtual PBX can be used in a number of office locations. Should the need for more extensions arise, the system can be seamlessly upgraded to a hosted PBX solution.

4. You are replacing your current PBX or moving to a new site that does not have a Virtual PBX or PBX in place.
Why? It is worthwhile investigating a Virtual PBX is you are moving to new offices.

5. You are looking to save on upfront costs.
Why? As a Virtual PBX system is hosted and maintained by a service provider offsite, there are no high upfront capital expenditure costs associated with purchasing equipment and hardware.

6. You are looking to save on ongoing call costs.
Why? A Virtual PBX is a scaled down version of a Hosted PBX and therefore has all the functionality of a Hosted PBX but at a fraction of the cost.

7. Your lease on your current PBX is expiring.
Why? It’s worth considering a Virtual PBX option.

8. You need to update functionality on your current PBX system.
Why? A Virtual PBX can be scaled up or scaled down at any time depending on the solution your business needs.

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