5 Signs Virtual PBX is here to Stay

5 Signs Virtual PBX is here to Stay

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There is no doubt that Virtual PBX systems are reliable and cost effective in the long run.

Globally the PBX market is worth $40 billion (Eastern Management Group) and this is set to increase as Virtual PBX and open source options become more prevalent. So what are the signs that Virtual PBX systems are here to stay and why have they become so popular?

1. Increased Consumer Power

Strong competition in the market place, low barriers to entry and a large array of substitutes means that the consumer is able to negotiate on price and features on any Virtual PBX or PBX system. This means that with a Virtual PBX system, the buyer has the power and not the seller and so makes it a more welcome option than large, bulky and costly telecommunications infrastructure of the past.

2. Scalable and Cost Effective

On-premises PBX systems are more than likely reaching their last days as the scalable, responsive and cost-effective cloud options take over. This means that businesses are more inclined to use a Virtual PBX for their telephony needs as investment in onsite PBX systems no longer makes long term sense.

3. Better Service

The development of multi-tenant cloud PBX systems and the drive for better VoIP has led to an improvement in telecommunications quality. This in turn leads to better service provided to clients as well as better business for clients. IP-based telephony is here to stay and will only improve as telecoms in South Africa grows and improves.

4. Shift in Communications Market

IT professionals are looking for simpler ways to manage communications for their clients and business owners are looking for ways to cut costs. Virtual PBX is an answer to both of these requirements and is therefore creating quite a shift in the communications market where consumers are no longer depending on a complicated, costly communications infrastructure and people to maintain them.

5. Illusion of an Enterprise

PBX systems of days gone by were made for large enterprises that needed a number of call features and menus. If a smaller business wanted a PBX system they had to accept that it would come with all the enterprise level features and menus and at the same cost. The beauty of a Virtual PBX is that a smaller business can now give the illusion of being a larger enterprise but without the price tag.

So given increased consumer buying power, better service from providers, the need for unified communications, a shift in the communications market and the ability to seem like a larger enterprise, our prediction is that Virtual PBX is here for the long run.

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