Company Background

ECN a division of Reunert Limited, was founded in January 2005 with the specific aim of exploiting the impending liberalisation of the South African communications market. ECN’s VANS license was converted to an individual ECS and an individual ECNS license in January 2009. ECN is headquartered in Johannesburg and has developed an electronic communications network with points of presence (POP’s) in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. Against a backdrop of increasing deregulation, ECN has been very successful in acquiring a large base of corporate and wholesale customers. ECN is a major player in the delivery of affordable and accessible converged voice and data solutions that are at the forefront of the next generation network.

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ECN Building


  • The first new entrant in the market to be bilaterally interconnected to all of the incumbent networks including Telkom, Cell C, MTN and Vodacom.
  • Next generation network with POP’s located in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Fastest growing alternate network in SA, with a critical mass of large corporate customers and fixed line voice minutes.
  • Compelling customer value proposition that provides unparalleled value in respect of price, quality and service.
  • Extensive converged voice and data skills in the areas of billing, switching, networking and hosted services.

The ECN Brand

Our brand values depict why our customers choose ECN.

  • Vision. We lead from the front and create new opportunities and possibilities. We are passionate about our business and believe in what we do.
  • Trust. We do what we say we will, when we say we will, for the price that we said. We are straightforward and transparent and easy to do business with as a result.
  • Service. We work as a team and believe that the reputation of the company is in the hands of each individual.
  • Choice. We provide an evolving mix of services, solutions and channels to continuously advance business communications.

To be the Leading Next Generation Communications Provider in South Africa”

When ECN entered the market in 2005, corporate voice services were primarily delivered using legacy TDM or LCR technology. ECN’s vision for how corporate voice should be provided in the future, led to the construction of its IP based NGN. This strategy has enabled ECN to differentiate itself from its competitors and ensure that it is strongly positioned within the SA communications market.

ECN remains committed to delivering visionary, innovative solutions that allow its customers to achieve their cost cutting objectives and provide them with a competitive edge. ECN continues to look beyond today’s requirement to the next generation of advanced communication services that will best serve the needs of its customers

Why use ECN?

Cost Savings

ECN has negotiated attractive wholesale termination rates with the incumbent national telephone networks and can provide customers with top quality voice services at discounted prices on the full range of fixed line call types. As soon as a customer is connected to ECN, it will immediately begin to see cost reductions in its monthly telephone bill. ECN guarantees that customers will make substantial savings on fixed-to-mobile, local, national and international calls.

Carrier Grade Voice Quality

ECN guarantees 99.73% uptime for voice services with automated failover in the event of equipment failure. ECN interconnects with the incumbent operators, enabling it to provide carrier grade voice quality on both inbound and outbound calls. ECN’s voice offering eliminates the quality problems typically associated with conventional VoIP/LCR solutions such as delay, signal loss, dropped calls etc.

Simple installation

Joining ECN’s network is quick and easy. ECN provides efficient on-site installation and activation with minimal disruption to business operations and infrastructure. Once a customer is connected to ECN it dials as usual – the only change is that its calls are routed via ECN. All installation activities are carefully planned and approved in advance.

Service at the Highest Level

ECN has built a state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC), which monitors ECN’s national voice and data network. The NOC monitors active and passive network parameters to anticipate, localise and isolate problems on the network. When problems do occur the activities of front-line personnel are coordinated and dispatched from regional offices. The NOC is also capable of providing an up to the minute, real-time visual summary of the status of the entire network.

Informative Call Reporting

ECN’s telephone management system (TMS) provides customers with real time account information. The TMS is accessed via an easy-to-use, web-based interface. Configurable reports covering billing, invoicing, savings and diagnostics are available to users via a web interface. It is the perfect tool to help customers easily monitor and manage their company’s telephone costs.