Which industries will benefit most from the 5G network?

Which industries will benefit most from the 5G network?

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This is the latest generation of wireless technology that facilitates a number of inter-connected devices while operating at improved speeds and lower latency. Although it is still the early stages of this fifth-generation technology, 5G will effectively fuel innovation and increase performance across a number of industries.

8 industries that will benefit the  most from the 5G network

Here’s a look at some of the industries that will be able to leverage off this network.

1. The retail industry

All retail systems will be intrinsically improved, from stock-taking through to digital signage, with the introduction of the 5G network. The Internet of Things (IoT) will be incredibly effective within the retail space, accelerated through 5G, with items like dressing room mirrors able to supply product information to customers. The online shopping experience will also be improved, particularly pertinent during this time of physical distancing and increased online activity.

2. The healthcare industry

The potential for innovation through digitisation is huge within the healthcare industry, and this will be accelerated through the introduction of 5G technology. Within the South African context, this could be particularly beneficial as healthcare via mobile devices will allow for those in remote areas to access life-saving assistance. 5G technology will also allow for real-time access of health data, the use of wearable technology and even bring closer the reality of remote surgery. Through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), 5G can assist with the training of medical professionals remotely.

3. Hospitality industry

The re-emergence of the tourism industry following the COVID-19 travel restrictions will see a massive boost through the support of 5G integrated technology. Increased internet speeds will allow visitors to enjoy a fully-immersive digital experience before visiting the site. Once checked in, tourists can take advantage of the many IoT accommodation features such as room temperature adjustment, entertainment options and easy communication with staff.

4. Financial services

No more endless waiting for an operator on the phone, with 5G technology, back-end processes will be streamlined and the financial sector will be able to improve service to remote customers. Through data analytics, this sector will be able to personalise products and services for a better customer experience overall.

5. Transportation industry

Countries with a high road accident rate – such as South Africa – will benefit from the introduction of 5G which will allow for the access of real-time data collection and analysis through car sensors. The next step is the introduction of self-driving vehicles, a particularly worthwhile innovation within the commercial transport sector.

6. Manufacturing industry

We’re are effectively moving towards the ultimate goal of smart factories where hazards are minimised and productivity increased. Through 5G capabilities, production standards will increase because of advanced speed and lower latency.

7. Entertainment industry

The national lockdown has inadvertently resulted in a massive rise of streaming media and online gaming, the likes of which are only set to increase over the coming months. 5G has certainly found a place in the provision of quality connectivity for entertainment. Elements such as AR and VR will also depend on reliable, affordable internet.

8. Agricultural industry

The benefits of 5G technology are not restricted to the indoors, but will also optimise agricultural processes through water management, crop monitoring, fertilisation and monitoring of livestock safety. This will also allow for better crop forecasting and automation.

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The benefits of 5G across almost every industry are only being realised, and as network capabilities improve, industries will discover innovative methods through digitisation that give a competitive edge and advance every sector.

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