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Virtual Fax is the first fax solution of it’s kind in South Africa, utilising Fax over IP technology that works all the time. With a proven track record in all sectors of the market, Virtual Fax is a must for any business. Virtual Fax users can send faxes directly from their email without any additional software required. With unlimited users and per second billing on all faxes sent, clients can now truly enjoy cost savings regarding their fax operation and utilisation.

Receiving Faxes

  • Did you know sending a fax to a 0866 / 0865 / 0862 / 085 fax number is charged at R1.60 per minute, billed per minute? A significant and unnecessary charge to your clients and partners.
  • Virtual Fax to e-mail charged at significantly reduced rates compared to traditional fax to e-mail solutions.


Sending Faxes

  • E-mail to Fax – users can send a fax directly from their e-mail just by adding the fax destination fax number in the “To” field in their email client / program, select “Send” and the fax is taken care of.
  • Print to Fax – clients install a print driver provided by Virtual Fax on individual PC’s and faxes are transmitted by selecting “print to Virtual Fax” and the transmission is complete. And lastly,
  • Fax Scan – in the case of faxes being sent manually where a lot of human intervention is required e.g documentation being signed etc., a traditional fax machine is still required to send faxes. The Fax Scan device is a device that connects to the back of the fax machine and in turn connects to the internet which enables the transmission of traditional faxes via the Internet at the reduced rates and higher speeds offered by Virtual Fax.


Features & Benefits:

  • All faxes sent and received through Virtual Fax are archived for 10 years at no charge.
  • All faxes sent are billed at per second billing.
  • All faxes sent are charged at reduced rates.
  • Virtual Fax can integrate into any MFP device or in-house software e.g. SAP.
  • Virtual Fax manages all your faxing so that you can concentrate on what you do best: your business.
  • The service supports geographic number porting.


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