For all businesses looking to take advantage of Panasonic’s reputation for quality technology, but on a smaller budget, the new NS series unified communication solution provides the answers.

Communication servers should provide solutions to current real world business requirements, such as simplifying and improving communications, lowering costs, improving productivity, supporting SOHOs and diversifying the workplace. They do all of these while flexibly adapting to the way each organisation works.

The KX-NS1000 Business Communications Server by Panasonic is designed to deliver solutions by integrating hardware and software components in a modular way, allowing you to tailor a communications system to your specific needs.

In addition the KX-NS500 smart Hybrid PBX is a cost-effective legacy and IP communication system for companies; that can be flexibly configured and expanded according to the specific requirements of their business.

The ECN Panasonic Business Communication Solution offers a centralized single or multi-site web based telephony and unified communication platform. As well as reliable up-time with built-in back-up solutions and highly flexible deployment options with VoIP, digital and SIP and a wide range of application support.

ECN is an official distributor of the Panasonic NS series of Business Communications products in South Africa.

Features & Benefits:

  • Work from Anywhere: Unify your businesses voice, fax and email with full, built-in voicemail and unified messaging along with an optionally integrated fax server. Listen to your voice messages by phone or receive them in your email inbox, then play or delete messages directly from the email client. Send and receive faxes as email attachments and enjoy the convenience of an electronic fax archive without the clutter and environmental impact of printed sheets of paper.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The pre-installed Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity application suite enhances unified communications and collaboration with visual control of calls and messages from a PC. This includes point-and-click call control, presence (with calendar integration), instant messaging, integration with Microsoft Outlook and group conferencing.
  • Multi-Site Networking: The workplace has become dispersed with branch offices and teleworkers located across cities and provinces and around the globe. Working flexibly from a remote office has become the norm, and your workers expect fully transparent functionality for optimum business efficiency. Create virtual teams across networked sites and share resources efficiently, including call distribution, centralized messaging and conferencing.
  • Minimize costs and have a future proof system.
  • Backwards compatibility (use existing telephone lines and services and start an IP migration.)
  • Award winning Unified Communication (Voice mail, faxing, email integration)
  • Mobility (DECT wireless phones, BYOD integration, Conferencing – with optional video)
  • Advanced Messaging, Voice Recording, and Voice backups
  • Complete Call Centre Solution (Automated assistant, Manager call recording, Advanced call monitoring and management system)
  • Simplified Maintenance
  • Telephone Management Systems

Typical Deployment:
NS 500 High-quality, flexible communications for the small and medium sized business. It is cost-effective, easy to install and expands with up to 258 users in a single site. Compact Hybrid Communication Platform (up to 288 extensions)

NS 1000 High-quality, flexible communications for the larger sized business. It is cost-effective, easy to install and expands with up to 1000 extensions across multiple sites. Full Communication Platform (up to 1000 extensions) / 16 data interlinked sites

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