How to Select the Right Virtual PBX

How to Select the Right Virtual PBX

Selecting the right PBX for your business can be both daunting and complicated. So we have put together a few important aspects you need to remember when deciding which Virtual PBX or PBX system to purchase.
Recent studies have shown that there has been a drastic increase in the number of Virtual PBX’s purchased and the trend is most certainly here to stay. Read more here. Due the excellent flexibility and cost saving that a Virtual PBX offers, it is no surprise that many companies opt for a Virtual PBX as their primary telephone operating system. Read more about the 10 Benefits here. It is however very difficult to decide which system is best for your business as choosing the wrong one could be costly and disastrous. So here are a few guidelines you can consider when looking for the right Virtual PBX system.

Integration with existing PBX

If your business already has an existing PBX system in place it’s important to consider how installing a Virtual PBX will affect this. Will it integrate easily with what you already have? Are you able to prevent any downtime in phone lines when installing the Virtual PBX? If yes, how can you go about making sure that the Virtual PBX will be installed with minimum fuss and in the least amount of time? Experienced Virtual PBX providers must be able to advise on how to integrate with your existing PBX and provide you with a map of how long it will take.


It’s difficult to deduce a Virtual PBX systems reliability off the bat. However doing your own research will help. You may be able to find reviews online or ask the company’s you approach for testimonials. There are many telecommunications and networking review sites and blogs online where you can pose the questions. Social media also offers a great platform to ask questions and get advice.


Does the provider you have chosen offer support? If so, how much and at what cost? Are they available 24/7? These are all very important considerations especially if your business needs to be up and running 24/7 such as a hospital or hotel. You should also make sure that the people manning the support line are efficient, knowledgeable and understandable. The quicker the problem can be understood, the quicker it can be fixed, so make sure that you will be able to access this type of support easily.


More often isn’t better. When deciding on a Virtual PBX, make sure that you choose only the features that your business needs. There is no point in increasing costs as well as complexity with features that you will never use.


Training may be quite a big factor for you when choosing which Virtual PBX to go for. Does the provider offer training to staff? Is this at an extra cost? How available are they to answer questions and train on-the-job. All these are questions that should be asked in order to avoid problems with the Virtual PBX or no-one using it because they don’t know how to.

Is your network ready?

It is highly recommend that your network is 100% up to the job before installing a Virtual PBX system. Adding a Virtual PBX to a poorly designed network could be disastrous. Although a Virtual PBX system does allow for some flexibility in terms of network infrastructure, it’s important to get your network up to scratch for the long run in order to avoid slow data transfers and crashes.

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