Risks of Not Using Fibre for Your Business

Risks of Not Using Fibre for Your Business

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Effective communication, in-house and externally, has always been fundamental to running a successful enterprise, and in the modern age, communication means internet. While there are some instances where businesses can afford not to invest in the most efficient equipment, this just isn’t the case with internet connectivity. Relying on older internet connections is akin to using a rotary phone in an age of cellphones – you’re going to get left behind.

So, when it comes to internet connection for your business, fibre is the only real solution. But if you’re not convinced, we’ve outlined a few risks of being trapped in the analogue world while everyone is advancing in the digital age.

Productivity losses

Copper lines are susceptible to a number of interferences, from poor weather and erosion to plain copper theft, using these lines leaves your business exposed to significant downtime. There is truth in the saying, ‘time is money’, as every business owner knows, and that’s why business fibre should be first choice. With ADSL lines, you are likely to experience more frequent network outages and data losses in instances where backup is not immediate. You are also risking security breaches as ADSL lines can be hacked, whereas fibre for your business is a more secure option.

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Lack of professionalism

We’ve all experienced the frustration of contacting a service provider or call centre to rectify an issue, only to be told their system is down. This gives off an unprofessional image, incorrectly portraying your company as ineffective and slow. The network breaks can also result in a loss of potential customers – if you can’t assist them now, someone else with business fibre probably can. Delays caused by bounced emails and slow response could even cost you regular clients and investors.


The modern technological age requires constant updates and improvements to your system, or you are literally left behind. More and more we are turning to the digital space for storage and communication, and this requires faster, more reliable internet connections. If you are being sent documents that take ages to download, or are battling to send documents from your side, you are wasting both your and your client’s time. To remain relevant, you will need to keep up with competitors, and that means fibre for your business.

Loss of morale

Customers aren’t the only ones that will be dissatisfied by constant network interruptions – staff morale will also take a dive. It’s important to realise that employees don’t exist in a work bubble, they have lives outside the office. They will interact with others in the industry who have business fibre, and might even have fibre in their own homes. This awareness makes coming to the office even more frustrating as they know there are improved systems that could be used. By incorporating business fibre into your workplace, you are empowering your staff with best possible tools available.

Financial costs

If you are avoiding implementing business fibre because you are trying to save on costs, you need to reconsider. While the initial outlay – as with any improvement to equipment – will be a bit costly, you will quickly see the benefits in the form of financial gain. The downtime experienced with ADSL interference, loss of data and irate customers are all costing you daily. By turning to fibre for your business, you will quickly benefit from a smoother running, more efficient organisation.

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While risk is an inherent part of any business, minimising risk is key to surviving, particularly in such a competitive market. One risk you can do without is poor communication, so start sourcing a reputable business fibre service provider to stay ahead of the game.

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