5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fibre for Your Business

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fibre for Your Business

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Fibre optic is now prolific, with most residences and many businesses now implementing the superior internet connectivity option. There are several good reasons for this – the reduced latency and superior speeds have already seen business productivity substantially enhanced. But if you’re still on the fence about the benefits of fibre for your business, then here are 5 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about fibre.

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Fibre is weather resistant

Fibre optic cables carry light, rather than electrical signals, which means that any adverse weather conditions – wind, high or low temperatures, rain and electrical storms – will not affect the internet connection. In a world of ever-changing climate patterns, ensuring your business has uninterrupted internet is a priority.

Fibre is green technology

‘Going green’ is no longer a catchphrase, but a legal requirement for modern businesses and you can do this by choosing fibre. Because of the reduced energy consumption of fibre in business – when compared to traditional copper wire – fibre is considered a green technology. In addition to this, fibre is a sustainable product, created from Silicon Dioxide, one of the planet’s most abundant elements.

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Fibre offers better business security

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; some level of private business and client information is bound to be stored or communicated digitally. With copper cables, would-be hackers are able to physically access vital information directly from the cables, but this isn’t the case with fibre. By cutting into fibre optic, you destroy the connection, making valuable information that much more secure. There is also no street value for fibre cables, as there is with copper, so there is less chance of them being breached.

Fibre is a binary medium

Fibre works at the speed of light which is absolutely essential for any modern business. Through a series of light bursts – where a pulse = 1 and no pulse = 0 – the cables are able to transmit the data through a binary medium from one system to the next. It currently promises speeds of up to 200Mbps as opposed to ADSL lines which offer speeds of 40Mbps.

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Fibre is lightweight

The thinner cables and product material make fibre a lightweight option which has a number of associated benefits for business. The lighter fibre is easier to transport which reduces on costs and risks associated with heavy lifting. Because of its compact nature, fibre can be installed in really limited spaces throughout your business.

If fibre cables are available in your area, then it is really the only option for your business. Consult with a reputable local service provider about the various fibre options for your business which allow for scalability, enhanced speed and a more productive organisation.

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