A Guide to Business Fibre

A Guide to Business Fibre

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Across the country, fibre optic cables are being laid and businesses are keen to become part of the network. Fibre optic is the future of internet connectivity and an essential tool in increasing business productivity. Here is an overall guide to the importance of fibre optics in business.

Fibre for Business

1. What is fibre optic?

Essentially, fibre optic cables – created out of glass or a special plastic fibre – are the nervous system of the best internet connectivity technology available today. If you’ve heard reference to ‘dark fibre’, this is basically the dormant fibre optic cabling that is yet to be activated.

2. How does it compare to DSL?

Fibre optic is substantially better than DSL, up to 1 000 times faster in most cases and, unlike DSL, there is no degradation with the cables are able to transmit data over much further distances.

3. What is the increased speed attributed to?

Unlike other cable connections, users have access to a dedicated fibre optic connection meaning the bandwidth is not shared, vastly increasing the internet speed. Even during periods of high internet demand, businesses will not suffer from slow internet accessibility.

4. Why is fibre optic speed important for business?

As established, fibre optic eliminates latency issues – delays which occur when processing data over the internet – which means faster uploading and downloading. Increased internet speed directly relates to increased productivity in the workplace. In fact, research by Sandisk indicates slow internet connection can cost a business one week per year of productivity where, in fact, internet access should be stimulating productivity. The reality is that modern business relies on sharing large files such as promotional videos, diagrams, plans, results, images with meetings, training and interviews conducted using video conferencing. All this requires symmetric speed – equal upload and download times on the internet – something which fibre optic offers.

5. How does it affect cloud access?

Online storage is also becoming a vital business tool which means cloud-hosted data storage. Businesses require access to this data without delay and fibre optic capabilities allow for much faster access to the cloud than other inferior connectivity options.

6. What about reliability and signal strength?

Where copper cabling can be degraded by inclement weather conditions which leads to damaged or stalled data transmission, fibre optic cabling is much stronger and not susceptible to the external elements, drastically improving reliability. Likewise, fibre optic internet is much more reliable in terms of signal strength with internet connectivity not decreasing quickly over distance, unlike its counterparts. This is particularly beneficial to vast organisations where employee workspaces are located over large areas, a far distance from the telecommunications’ centre.

7. What about internet security?

Fibre optic cables are an incredibly powerful way to protect against cybercrime as the only way to penetrate the fibre-optic internet is to physically cut the fibres which will cause the signal to disappear. This is important for all businesses because, although media coverage focuses on large-scale leaks, the reality is that small businesses are being targetted by cybercrime on a daily basis as well. Fibre optics are also resistant to electromagnetic interference which can occur in businesses situated near heavy machinery.

Although initial outlay might be a bit of a cost, fibre optics offer an astounding array of business benefits and, with all internet heading in this direction, it’s definitely worth getting connected now.

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