Why are You Not Using Business Fibre Yet?

Why are You Not Using Business Fibre Yet?

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If you’ve heard about business fibre but are still hesitant to take the plunge and have this superior internet connectivity installed, then this article will attempt to convince you. Consider business fibre akin to a really productive business partner: it has all the benefits of someone you trust, with none of the failings. Here is why business fibre is the business partner for you.

1. Strength

A good business partner is strong, can face up to any challenge and overcome the hurdle. And so it is with business fibre. Where traditional broadband connected through copper wires will experience signal degradation as the user moves away from the switch, this is not so with business fibre. What this means is that employees working in organisations over larger areas will have just as good a signal strength as those in smaller spaces.

2. Reliable

Reliability in a business partner is key. You want them there when you need them, with the ability to reject any negative interference. Business fibre can do this for you. The fibre optic cables are much more reliable than copper cabling, as they are resistant to weather, human or electrical interference. There is also no chance of electromagnetic interference. Unreliable connectivity results in losses to a business, just as an unreliable partner would do.

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3. Super speedy

A lagging business partner will keep you behind, and so will a lagging internet connection. Rather partner up to a super speedy business fibre with symmetric upload and download speeds. While you can get away with slower internet speeds now, as more business opt for fibre optics, you will quickly get left in the dust.

4. Secure

In business, you want to feel secure with the person you’ve chosen to partner with, knowing that they won’t go behind your back and steal your profits. You don’t want to feel vulnerable and exposed. And, with business fibre, you never will. The connection is tamper-proof which means no would-be hackers will access your most vital information. Keeping your clients, and your business, safe is of the utmost important. Business might be about taking risks, but not when it comes to internet connectivity.

5. Saves on costs

By building a solid working foundation, you and your business partner will gradually increase profits and cut unnecessary losses. Business fibre means increased reliability, enhanced connection and faster speed resulting in increased profits and cuts in unnecessary losses. There are fewer maintenance requirements, no need for physical servers or inhouse IT. This all adds up to about a week’s savings per year.

With so many profit-boosting benefits associated with business fibre, the only question that still remains is – why are you not using business fibre yet?

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