What is Fibre to the Business?

What is Fibre to the Business?

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Fibre to the Business

What is Fibre to the Business?

Basically, fibre optic cabling is being installed as a way to replace the traditional copper cabling being used for internet connection. Businesses are benefiting greatly from this superior internet connection which is lightweight, durable and a conduit for increased upload and download speeds.

What are the benefits of Fibre to the Business?

There are so many benefits of fibre optic internet for businesses, and so few downsides. Although there is the cost of installation to be considered, this is a once-off fee that will be quickly absorbed by your business’ improved productivity.

1. Fibre speed
When it comes to connectivity, copper just can’t compete. Fibre offers businesses enhanced internet speeds of up to 100Gbps with simultaneous upload and download speeds.

2. Data storage
The faster speeds make cloud storage a much more realistic option for businesses. With fibre optic, businesses are able to store and access data quickly, streamlining your communication and business practices.

3. Decreased latency
With traditional copper cables, you can expect delays in internet connection, however, Fibre to the Business means there are no latency issues. This results in better voice quality for VoIP, quicker communication and a more efficient working environment.

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4. Internet security
Unlike with copper cables, hacking into a fibre optic connection requires physically cutting into the fibre optic which would ultimately cut the internet connection. This makes data transfer on business fibre much more secure – vital for optimum business functioning.

5. Enhanced durability
Fibre optic cables are extremely lightweight and durable, unaffected by electromagnetic interference or weather. The signals will not degrade and you can expect superior internet connection even in the middle of an electric storm.

6. Increased reliability
The superior speeds, durability, security features and reduced latency all result in a much more reliable internet connection for business. With most modern business operations completely reliant on the internet capabilities, this can only bode well for productivity.

7. Cost savings
After the initial installation costs, your company will see a boost in overall savings with Fibre to the Business. Just the enhanced speeds are believed to result in an extra week’s worth of productivity every year.

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What are the fibre optic connection types?

• Fibre to the Node (FTTN) – the fibre cable runs to a node in your office building and, from there, the internet is supplied through existing copper cables.
• Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) – the fibre cable connects to a place very near your business and then copper connects these to the business premises.
• Fibre to the Building (FTTB) or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) – the fibre connects directly into your office building.

Why choose ECN?

1. Simplify
Our business-grade Internet access products mean you can deal with a single service provider for fibre connections as well as voice and data services, simplifying support and billing queries.

2. Savings
ECN offers a broad set of cost-effective voice, data and hosted services to meet our customers’ ever-growing technological needs.

3. Unique
Every business is different which is why we don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We will tailor our internet services to your unique business requirements.

ECN is a leading telecommunications partner in South Africa. ECN offers a broad set of cost effective voice, data and hosted services to meet our customers ever growing technological needs. Our market leading fibre solutions provide our customers with the option of replacing their existing voice service provider to substantially reduce their monthly telecommunications bill. Contact ECN today for leading telecommunications solutions.

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