Cloud for Business Phone Systems and Data in South Africa

Cloud for Business Phone Systems and Data in South Africa

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In this article we highlight some key considerations with regards to cloud based phone and data systems in South Africa. We answer if the cloud is a viable business platform in South Africa?

What is the cloud?

In very simple terms: it is making use of internet and internet technologies to store your company data and services with large, reputable hosting and online service providers. It can also be used to more efficiently manage the way your company communicates, with Virtual PBX and VoIP devices.

Virtual PBX and VoIP are by design actually cloud based communications tools and technologies.

You company email, file, and application servers can be virtually hosted in the big, secure, internet server farms. These are structured in a cheaper per user / service leasing models. This reduces the need for your investment in costly capitalized onsite server rooms and hardware, that needs to be self secured and monitored 24/7, and then replaced every 3-5 years.

Cloud for business communications?

Your company switchboard is managed online with a Virtual PBX setup (also called a cloud PBX or hosted PBX.) Your employees get dedicated VoIP extensions for video, group calls, or even interactive online meeting spaces. A Virtual PBX has many benefits like mobility and Unified Communications tools that you can add or remove as and when you need them. The Virtual PBX is accessible from their home office, work computers, or even BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) like a tablet or smart phone with company applications installed. We have many articles on our site that explain the benefits of an ECN Virtual PBX.

Technology has changed the way the old fashioned telephone, corporate switchboard, and even simple cellphone are used for communication. No longer are we bound by fixed copper wires, at a fixed location to make a business call. Even the mobile phone, a recent technological device, has been upgraded to make use of the internet and data rather than cellular voice for more efficient, and productive “voice and video” business communications.

So what about South Africa?

The rise of reliable, available, and high speed fiber infrastructure and wireless networks is both already established here, and constantly being upgraded in South Africa. The cost of data is always falling in South Africa. Local and international secure cloud based business technologies are also already here and actively being used; Office 365, Google Apps, Sage Evolution, SAP, ECN Virtual PBX and Data Services.

The entire way the world communicates and does business is changing, becoming faster, less expensive, and most importantly more efficient. South Africa is no different.

We can do so much more now on data with established corporate providers and the best VoIP services in an ECN virtual PBX. We always keep reducing costs, with our class leading VoIP, and high speed Data services to access your Cloud file and applications storage solutions with Microsoft, VMWare, DropBox, Etc.

Internet technology is fast becoming the primary means of communication for voice calls over traditional copper wired office telephone switchboards in South Africa. Many companies are already invested in Virtual PBX, or are at the very least benefiting with a Hybrid IP PBX and other VoIP cost saving services while they migrate.

Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and many other online platforms have become business tools and an active presence integrated into your online company communications is needed to connect with today’s always online consumers, customers, suppliers, and your own employees! The Cloud and Cloud based business communication tools are here, and here in South Africa.

Set up a consultation with one of our dynamic sales team and cloud specialists and we can save you money on not only your company voice communications, but on data and costly aging infrastructure as well.

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