How VoIP and a Virtual PBX can grow your business

How VoIP and a Virtual PBX can grow your business

Any business looking to expand will need to adapt to the ever-growing demand of accessibility and mobility. Customers want to be provided with uninterrupted access to services, and businesses that don’t keep up, simply don’t last. The implementation of a Virtual PBX system and VoIP is the perfect solution, efficiently connecting company and customer in a cost-effective manner. For those who are new to this game-changing concept, the Virtual PBX is essentially a telephone system which is maintained and operated by the cloud-based VoIP service provider.

Below are a few ways that the Virtual PBX system and VoIP will grow your business:

1. Frees up funds for other areas

By installing a Virtual PBX and VoIP, you are immediately eliminating the need for expensive equipment and hardware while cutting out all maintenance costs. All upkeep of the system is managed by the phone system provider at an offsite location, saving you funds that would usually be spent on staff hire and space. That up-front capital investment can, therefore, be allocated to other areas of your business, allowing you to stimulate growth. The use of virtual receptionists – which prevents customers being on hold for an extended period of time – also further saves on salary costs.

2. Keeps your company mobile

The age of office space and 9 to 5 jobs is swiftly coming to an end. The introduction of the internet has expanded organisations internationally and this global workplace demands flexible working hours from everywhere. Through the introduction of Virtual PBX and VoIP, employees can work from anywhere, at any time and on any device they have on hand. One device even has the ability to support two numbers, allowing business calls to be placed on a cellphone. By expanding your company’s mobility, you are opening up your business opportunities resulting in the growth of your bottom line.

3. Adapts for business expansion

Every entrepreneur starts out small with ambitions to grow in some form. However, outlaying expenses upfront before the work is currently available is a huge risk that is better avoided. With the Virtual PBX and VoIP, your communications needs will adapt as your business expands. Through this system, you can add new phone lines, extensions and mobile connections seamlessly without huge costs. This format also means you only pay for the services that you use, which is why it’s important to constantly review the various options available.

4. Offers a variety of features

Connected to the previous point mentioned, the Virtual PBX and VoIP systems come with a range of advanced features, always adapting as new technologies come on the market. These calling features are absolutely essential to keep up with customer’s requests. Some of these features include access to voicemail, email, remote call management, auto-attendant, directory and voice messaging. Further options allow interconnectivity between email, voicemail, instant messaging and video, among others. To ensure you are getting the most out of your service, Virtual PBX and VoIP also allow for data analysis. As your business grows, or as you anticipate growth in regions, your communication’s system can be adjusted to meet increasing needs.

5. Improved reliability

Modern customers have no patience for delays and interruptions when it comes to communication which is why Virtual PBX and VoIP systems are the best option. They are easy to implement and even easier to use. Using reliable, internet-based communication systems means that every call is promptly connected without quality interference. For many businesses, such as those in the health care and financial trade fields, efficient communication is a necessity. These organisations cannot risk interruptions when call volumes increase. By relying on archaic telephone systems, you are risking losses or, at best, stagnation when the simple transition can lead directly to business growth.

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