How to have a home office in 2017

How to have a home office in 2017

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Is a home office scenario viable in 2017 South Africa?

Many archaic business ideas assume that if the company employees are not physically all sitting in the same confined cubicles, they cannot work efficiently, be managed, or be productive. This article by Forbes weighs in as well and shows that home based employees tend to be more productive.

Home office

Technology and the advancements of the cloud and virtual PBX space have made the central office concept obsolete. In fact, the home office or work from home employee model can be a massive business saving.

The high cost of rent and the premium businesses pay per square meter of usable office space can be reduced by having a number of employees use a home-based office solution.

Employees that have a home office tend to be less stressed as there is no dealing with the frustrating daily commute. Studies have shown, home office workers are in fact more productive and efficient with time management, as they appreciate the value of working from home.

However, the home and mobile office must sufficiently replicate the work based environment. There must be no compromise on service and quality, especially when it comes to connectivity of company resources and communications.

Home office employees must ensure that:

  • They have the same efficient desk work space at home as they would at work.
  • They have a stable and fast home internet service – which is now widely available and becoming more affordable in South Africa.
  • They have a secure VPN connected link from their personal or company supplied mobile computer.
  • They have access to secure cloud based collaborative services like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps.

Most importantly, it is essential that a working VoIP phone service on the company exchange and Virtual PBX is available.

ECN have the tools and product-know how to modernize your business. The first step in any consideration of the home office route is to make sure that you have a Virtual PBX setup and functioning correctly. ECN are the experts with Virtual PBX services, data services with VPN facilities as well as knowledgeable staff to migrate your business to the secure cloud.

Let one of ECN’s specialists assess where you can save money and substantially reduce the costs in your business.

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