Smart Offices and 5G

The fifth generation of mobile technology – 5G – is the next step to enhanced telecommunications through diminished latency and [...]
Loadshedding and fibre

Load Shedding and Fibre

Once again South Africans are having to face the dark reality of ongoing load shedding and, considering we’ve already escalated [...]
fibre in hotel room

Business Fibre for Hotels

The decision to install fibre optic cables when constructing modern hotels needs no consideration, however many older hotels are looking [...]

Telecommunications Trends 2019

The telecommunications’ industry continues to adapt as technology progresses from day to day, constantly evolving to meet the growing communications’ [...]
fibre for hospitals

Fibre for Hospitals

The increasing costs of medical care and competitive nature of the private healthcare sector in South Africa means hospitals are [...]
office space fibre

Fibre for Office Spaces

From small start-ups to massive corporations, fast, efficient internet connectivity is undeniably a top priority. And, in the current market, [...]
fibre for corporates

Fibre for Corporates

One of the biggest drivers of new business for corporates these days is digital – digital marketing, digital communication, digital [...]
Fibre in schools

Fibre for Schools

South African schools are increasingly moving away from the technophobic, teacher-dominated classroom setting and taking advantage of the incredible educational [...]
Fibre FAQ's

Fibre FAQ’s

The implementation of fibre optics to the home and business is fast becoming the preferred choice for South African consumers, [...]
Internet of Things and Fibre

IoT and Fibre

The world of technology, internet and communications is evolving rapidly and, with the correct application, is set to make life [...]
ECN Fibre Business Internet Access

Pros and Cons of Fibre

Interconnectivity has been boosted to another level with the introduction of fibre optic cables which are being laid out across [...]
Fibre for business

Fibre versus ADSL

You’ve seen the construction work as fibre optics are laid across the countryside, you’ve heard phrases like ‘lightning speed connectivity’, [...]
ADSL Business Internet Access

Benefits of Business Fibre

Fibre or a fibre-optic internet connection can add tremendous value to any organisation. Even though this technology is relatively new to [...]

What is a PABX?

There seems to be a lot of confusion around what a PABX is, what a PBX is and the difference [...]
virtual pbx

What is Virtual PBX?

What is a Virtual PBX System? Virtual PBX is an inexpensive inbound phone system that transmits calls over the Internet [...]