ECN Fibre Business Internet Access

Pros and Cons of Fibre

Interconnectivity has been boosted to another level with the introduction of fibre optic cables which are being laid out across [...]
Fibre for business

Fibre versus ADSL

You’ve seen the construction work as fibre optics are laid across the countryside, you’ve heard phrases like ‘lightning speed connectivity’, [...]
ADSL Business Internet Access

Benefits of Business Fibre

Fibre or a fibre-optic internet connection can add tremendous value to any organisation. Even though this technology is relatively new to [...]

What is a PABX?

There seems to be a lot of confusion around what a PABX is, what a PBX is and the difference [...]
virtual pbx

What is Virtual PBX?

What is a Virtual PBX System? Virtual PBX is an inexpensive inbound phone system that transmits calls over the Internet [...]