The Impact of 5G on Business Growth and Connectivity

The Impact of 5G on Business Growth and Connectivity

The rollout of 5G in South Africa’s  with ongoing connectivity being established in more remote locations, is positively impacting business growth. In the modern era of rapid digital transformation, businesses that are not actively leveraging this superior technology are going to be left behind quickly. Here’s a look at the impact 5G is having on business growth and connectivity.

The benefits of 5G

When it comes to connectivity – and almost everything in modern business relies on connectivity – 5G is the gold standard. Here are some of the benefits of 5G :

  • Speeds that are up to 100 times faster than 4G.
  • Improved facilitation of data transfer and analysis.
  • Better use of cloud-based tools.
  • Improved operational processes.
  • Higher bandwidth and Lower latency.

The positive impact of 5G on business growth

All of this sounds great, but how does it impact business growth in practical terms? Here’s a look at the many ways 5G is set to support business growth and connectivity.

1.     Remote Work and Telecommuting

We’ve already seen a massive shift in business models to a more flexible option that allows for remote working opportunities prompted by the pandemic. We’re likely to see this model continue to grow with remote workers using 5G to secure job opportunities across the globe – all from the comfort of home. 5G supports better collaboration with colleagues, attending virtual meetings, training sessions, conferences, and workshops, all of which will reshape the way businesses operate.

2.     IoT and Smart Technology

The rollout of 5G means great things for the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technology. This is because 5G is simply better equipped to handle a bigger number of interconnected devices simultaneously. We’re already using IoT and smart technology in everyday life, but it’s going to make business operations smoother and swifter. Data transfer and business communications will be ramped up to enable better real-time collaboration and improved productivity.

3.     Growth of the Rural Sector

5G technology is not only being rolled out in the bigger metros but in far-flung areas as well which is great news for developing economies. Businesses in South Africa’s more rural locations will benefit from improved connectivity through 5G which opens them up to a world of online opportunities. This bridges the technological gaps that ensure communities in rural communities are supported in entrepreneurial endeavours, with options for innovation. Opportunities like developing rural tourism initiatives and connecting with a global audience are a reality, with online training and educational opportunities furthering the rural business sector.

4.     Improved Manufacturing

When you bring 5G into the manufacturing sector, you’re incorporating IoT technologies for automation that translates to increased process monitoring. 5G means that real-time data can be collected directly from machinery which means you can implement predictive maintenance. When machinery is maintained on time, there is less chance of breakages, which means reduced downtime and improved efficiency. This also improves the quality of the products being manufactured.

5.     Sustainable Agriculture

Modern agricultural techniques rely on vast automation and machinery. Bring 5G-enabled technology into this sector, and you’re drastically improving farming operations with more precision farming techniques. Smart farming allows you to better monitor soil conditions, crop health, and environmental factors leading to more sustainable agricultural operations. As with the manufacturing sector, 5G allows you to proactively attend to machinery maintenance so there’s less downtime.

6.     Supply Chain Optimisation

Likewise, the logistics sector will benefit from the incorporation of the 5G technology which will provide real-time monitoring capabilities so that goods in transit can be constantly checked. Any issues or delays will be communicated immediately and attended to so that delivery times are met. The inventory levels in warehouses are also better monitored for enhanced resource allocation to reduce operational expenses. All these 5G-enabled improvements will positively benefit the global supply chain industry.

7.     Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The lower latency and bigger bandwidth of 5G technology means that AR and VR are better supported. These technologies are hugely beneficial across a number of business sectors. In the real estate industry, AR and VR will enable people from across the globe to virtually experience properties and invest from afar. Educational institutions can leverage AR and VR for more interactive learning across the globe, with students able to learn from the best in the world. Likewise, medical advancements will be extensive as 5G continues to support AR and VR developments.

8.     Improved Security

The rollout and adoption of 5G technology in South Africa is supporting the more effective use of blockchain technology. What this means is better security through more transparent transactions and better data management which is vital for supply chain operations. This works towards making online business operations that much more secure, paving the way for more growth across various industries.

9.     Boost for the Entertainment Industry

The aforementioned support of AR and VR technologies through the rollout of 5G is good news for the entertainment industry. 5G supports uninterrupted streaming of high-definition content which means great viewing and gaming experiences. AR and VR are already being used extensively in gaming, but players can look forward to much more immersive experiences. This is also set to increase in the entertainment sector as people enjoy a cinema or concert experience from the comfort of home.

10.  E-commerce and Retail

Online shopping has already exploded in South Africa with delivery apps like Checkers Sixty60 taking hold, and large-scale brands like Amazon launching this year. The rollout of 5G will take this even further with AR and VR allowing customers to try on products and shop with a more tangible sense of what they’re buying. The improved data analysis will mean personalised online shopping as a result of real-time data analytics.

11.  Secure Customer Loyalty

It’s clear that 5G is going to impact business growth and connectivity, and this is going to result in a more satisfied customer base as 5G and online connectivity redefine how businesses engage with customers. Data analysis and improved supply chain operations result in a more targeted and effective shopping experience that better builds customer loyalty. Personalised marketing and direct engagement make customers feel heard by the business, with AI-enhanced customer service allowing for instant responses.

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