Cloud-based PBX over On-Premise PBX

Cloud-based PBX over On-Premise PBX

The shift to digital platforms has gained momentum for some time now, with 2020 precipitating somewhat of a leap by many major companies seeking to remain competitive amidst a global pandemic. One of the areas that has demanded many businesses to pivot digitally has been communications, with on-premise PBX quickly being replaced by cloud-based PBX. Here’s why.

What is on-premise PBX?

On-premise PBX (private branch exchange) is an analogue business phone system that requires phone lines for all handsets. Businesses using such PBX services also rely on telecom experts to perform the necessary maintenance and upgrades, with the entire system located on company property.

What is cloud-based PBX?

The communications’ landscape has advanced over the years from analogue PBX systems through to cloud-based – also known as hosted – PBX. In this instance, a VoIP (voice-over internet protocol) provider hosts your communications’ equipment and supplies the functionality needed for your office phone system. When an employee answers or makes a call, the VoIP handset will convert the sound into data packets that are transferred across internet lines to the hosted PBX provider.

What are the advantages of cloud-based PBX?

While an on-premise PBX has served a vital function in business communications, it’s simply being overtaken by the next level in communications. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of cloud-based PBX.

–          Enhanced features

The new cloud-based / hosted PBX phone systems have far more VoIP features than the on-premise PBX counterpart. Some of the advanced features you can expect to find in cloud-based PBX include:

  • Built-in video and audio conferencing
  • Voicemail to email transcripts
  • Intelligent call forwarding
  • Inbound call queues
  • Mobile device support
  • Auto attendants
  • Automatic call recording
  • Call reporting and analytics
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call encryption
  • Advanced call routing
  • Call recording and forwarding
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Enterprise-grade reliability

–          Increased reliability

Your cloud-based PBX is much more reliable than on-premise PBX, boasting an almost 100% uptime rate so that you’re never letting customers and business partners down with ineffective communication. Where an on-premise PBX can crash because of inclement weather and power failures, your cloud-based PBX is able to continue functioning.

–          Low maintenance

With your new cloud-based PBX, your maintenance hassles are finally over! The hosted provider will take care of all your system updates and network routing. This also means you’re not having to worry about housing equipment on your premises, freeing up retail space and funds.

–          Flexibility

Where the on-premise PBX system was constrained, the cloud-based PBX has the flexibility and scalability to adapt to your growing business needs. This system also allows for complete remote working – a growing trend globally across all industries. Your employees are able to work from everywhere through VoIP apps.

–          Increased security

A physical landline is much more susceptible to outside attacks because audio signals are easier to intercept. However, a cloud-based PBX system offers you call encryption and constant monitoring by your VoIP provider so there’s no risk to your business.

–          Much more cost-effective

The many features associated with cloud-based PBX will enhance business operations and are also available at a really low cost, so you’re saving with the investment. In addition to enhanced operations, here are some other areas where cloud-based PBX will save you money.

  • Cheaper call costs
  • Additional phone lines
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Lowers staff costs
  • Decreased equipment costs

–          Better team communication

Because colleagues are able to communicate remotely at all times, at a much lower cost, there’ll be enhanced collaboration on projects through either one-on-one communication or even group chats. The video- and audio-conferencing features will also facilitate enhanced connectivity.

–          Improve productivity

Because of the advanced features and improved team communication, your business will benefit from improved productivity through cloud-based PBX. In addition, you’re able to monitor business operations through:

  • Real-time statistic tracking
  • Call recordings which can be analysed
  • Monitoring of call volumes.

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If you’re finally convinced that a cloud-based PBX is the right solution for your business – and you’d be right! – then it’s worth consulting with the market leaders in voice solutions. ECN will install your cloud-based PBX system, providing you with a hassle-free, cost-savings solution to enhance your business operations.

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