What Can You Do with Business Fibre?

What Can You Do with Business Fibre?

Fibre for small businesses

In business, incorporating the most innovative methods and hiring the best staff are vital to continued success. But another element that cannot be overlooked is the use of cutting-edge technology, and in the case of internet connectivity, that is fibre for your business. The superior performance of this connection has already proven hugely beneficial to many South African businesses, from small-scale start-ups to established corporations, but if you’re still on the fence about business fibre, here is a look at exactly what you can do with it.

Business Fibre

Speed up your daily activities

Business fibre has symmetrical upload and download speeds and is the fastest internet connection currently available. In the world of business, this translates to the incredibly fast transference of vital data needed for day-to-day activities. Fibre also comes with superior bandwidth which isn’t throttled the more users are on it, so you aren’t having to compete with other users during peak office hours. Because you’re able to attend to your email and communication activities faster than before, the knock-on effect means all business activities will be performed a lot quicker.

Spend on business development

Once your business fibre has been installed, you will immediately start to benefit for the extensive cost-savings associated with the connection. There is no need to spend on conduits to get past the electromagnetic interference because, with the glass fibre optic cables, this isn’t an issue. There are also costs saved on layout, equipment, maintenance and electricity. The money saved can be put towards other business-enhancing initiatives – or even an end-of-year party to boost employee morale!

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Attract more high-level clients

For many top-tier businesses, the transference of valuable information via internet is high risk, and they are unwilling to take this risk with systems that aren’t secure. Fibre cables are almost completely hacker-proof because you would need to physically cut into the cables to access data, thereby making them a much more secure option for information sharing. When potential clients are aware of the enhanced safety and minimal-associated risks, they are more likely to enter into business with your organisation.

Make more office space

The increased speed and reliability of fibre for your business means that you are able to take full advantage of cloud-based storage. Not only does this mean your business is able to operate day-to-day using the cloud, but you aren’t having to store data in physical hard drives, thereby saving on substantial office space. You are then benefitting from lower rental rates, or able to maximise on the additional office space with more equipment or employees as required. 

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Build your international base

The modern business operates remotely with very little need for actual face-to-face interaction. This flexibility is made even more attainable with the implementation of business fibre. The reason being that fibre’s enhanced connectivity ensures clear video and tele-conferencing, so you’re able to interact and debate vital business matters with stakeholders across the globe.

Once you’ve installed fibre for your business, you will suddenly discover there are seemingly endless opportunities for enhanced business productivity. Increased speed translate into a faster work pace. Increased reliability means a more professional business approach. More bandwidth means direct cloud access. Whichever way you turn, your business is going to benefit!

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