Best Business Fibre Providers

Best Business Fibre Providers

business fibre providers

If you’ve decided to switch over to fibre optics then you’ve made the right choice. Now you just have to decide which business fibre provider will be best suited to your company’s requirements. While every provider will make big promises, it’s important to work out which provider will actually deliver on those promises. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the best business fibre provider.

Best business fibre

business fibre providers

1. Does the service terminate at the door?

With some business fibre providers, the installation of fibre optics will reach your door, but then it’s up to you from there. Unless you’re proficient in cable and IT installations, then the DIY option is not for you. The cost of installation should also include a Wi-Fi Router that will be installed by a qualified technician. For bigger spaces, there might be more than Wi-Fi Router – or even a booster – installed to ensure sufficient coverage throughout the premises.

2. How much data am I getting?

The two options all business fibre providers will offer are capped and uncapped internet. Uncapped has no data limit, although there are fair usage policies to consider. There are a variety of capped options, but once the data is finished, you will have to top up – often at exorbitant rates. A good business fibre provider will offer an accurate assessment of data requirements, outlining all the contributing factors, and will not try to gouge you on the top-up rate.

3. Can I manage my data use?

Your data use should not be some ethereal number that you cannot access. When you’re running a business, you need to be able to assess every element that is costing the business monthly. Data falls under this category. A good business fibre provider will allow the customer access to detailed monthly data use, or a monthly report, so that data amounts can then be re-considered and re-adjusted as necessary.

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4. Do you have a contract?

When you’re entering into any business agreement, then a signed contract is the best way to protect both parties. Be weary of any business fibre provider that is reluctant to sign an agreement, as the chances are they’re out to protect themselves and not deliver on promises. Aspects such as downtime, latency and jitter can be addressed to ensure the provider meets all promised performance levels.

5. What support is offered?

Once the fibre is installed and set up, are you going to be able to contact the provider quickly and easily when there is a problem with connectivity? Find out how you need to log a fault, and what the anticipated response time is. Demand proactive support and ongoing oversight to ensure you are offered the best possible service. It’s also worth checking if the support is provided 24/7 as a delay could impact your business.

Efficient communication is key to the success of any business, and a reliable internet service is vital to modern communication. While you might cut costs by going for the cheapest business fibre provider, if the service is unreliable and the support non-existent, then you are going to lose out on business. Rather do a thorough analysis of the market before choosing the best business fibre provider for your company.

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