Why are you not using Virtual PABX yet?

Why are you not using Virtual PABX yet?

Business operations are evolving and developing rapidly, either incorporating modern technology and thriving, or avoiding it and falling behind. One of the core features of a successful business is efficient communication and there is a lot of really effective technology available to boost business. One such example is Virtual PABX – an innovative telecommunications’ system that is dominating the business world. Here are some reasons why.

Virtual PABX

1. Customer Experience

With Virtual PABX, customers are no longer going to have to deal with unanswered calls or busy dial tones when trying to get through to a business. This is because Virtual PABX allows companies to service customers worldwide, regardless of the time at the headquarters.

2. Scalability

One of the biggest concerns for businesses implementing Virtual PABX is the number of telephone lines to put in place. However, one of the benefits of Virtual PABX is the fact that you can add and remove lines, as your business expands or decreases in size. And you only pay for the lines you use.

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3. Low maintenance

There is no need to implement costly and bulky equipment when you install Virtual PABX at your business. Everything is transmitted over the internet and maintained offsite by a service operator so no need to take up space, with quick setup and easy registration overall.

4. Flexibility

There is no more need for employees to be glued to their desks to be productive. In fact, they can work from wherever they have their mobile phones. They can work from home, from the car, or from the local coffee shop. Virtual PABX increases flexibility of business, which is better for the organisation, and the employee.

5. Voice quality

As technology has advanced, the voice quality of Virtual PABX has drastically improved. There are no delays, no tinny sound and no echo. Whether the caller is locally based or international, voice quality will remain constant.

6. Cost effectiveness

The space saved on storing equipment lowers rental costs; the lower maintenance saves on service costs; the easy setup means start-up fees are saved; the Virtual PABX calls mean lower phone costs; the lack of personnel means lower salary costs…all of which result in big savings overall.

7. Advanced features

Virtual PABX have so many additional features that drastically improve business performance. These advanced features include voicemail, email, remote call management, voice messaging, auto attendant, directory, and even music on hold. You also have the ability to analyse your data for improved effectiveness.
Added to the above-mentioned benefits, there is also no need for extensive training in using the Virtual PABX system, and companies using such a system portray an extremely professional image. Really, the only question left is: why are you not using Virtual PABX yet?

No matter your business, from a individual such as business speaker to a large corporate distributing a natural skincare brand, a well set up pabx system is vital for your business. operate

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