Business Fibre for Restaurants

Business Fibre for Restaurants

fibre in restaurants

The rollout of fibre optics has provided internet users with high speed connectivity that is impervious to weathering and cyberthreat. The benefits of this superior internet connection are fast being realised by South Africans as the rollout of fibre continues, and many businesses are changing over to this preferred offering. One such industry that can’t be left out is the service industry which is why so many restaurants and cafes are installing fibre optics. Here are the benefits for restaurant owners and guests.

Business Fibre in Restaurants

1. Customer retention

The provision of fast, reliable internet will see customers remain for longer durations, ordering more drinks and snacks while they work. These satisfied customers are more likely to return to your establishment so you’re also benefitting from repeat business.

2. Attracting a new market

Access to speedy internet will attract a whole new group of customers – students and working groups who will congregate to discuss business over food and drinks. With fibre optics, you have the competitive edge.

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3. Spreading the word

Once you’re offering customers a really amazing internet connection, you can maximise on this particular selling point by spreading the word on all social media sites and marketing avenues. Advertise this fact on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, even your walls, menus and receipts… and encourage customers to share this on their sites as well. You could also use automated marketing to further connect with customers, but don’t scare them away with unnecessary mails and messages. Rather send free drink coupons to encourage them to return.

4. Easy payments

You want to make the dining experience as hassle-free as possible and this includes paying for the meal as well. Customers generally prefer not to pay in cash, but don’t want to wait around for a mobile paypoint – they’d much rather just use their mobile phones. If you’re offering them a quick internet service, this makes payment that much easier.

5. Better business operations

Outside of customer benefits, fibre optics offers restaurant owners so many benefits as well. All business operations, from daily bookkeeping to staff salaries, are made more efficient by the installation of fibre optics.

6. Enhanced security

Because fibre optic cables cannot be physically hacked into, they offer internet users a much safer online experience. For restaurants, where banking and personal details are being shared, it is important that owners are offering the best cyber protection available.

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7. Reliability leads to repeat business

Fibre optics are, undoubtedly, much more reliable than traditional copper wiring which is important in the service industry. If a customer sits down and cannot connect to the internet, they will simply get up and go to the next café or restaurant and probably never return. With reliable internet, you are retaining customers, preventing unwanted frustrations, and providing the best service possible.

If you’re in the service industry, you have to be the best and provide your customers with nothing but the best. When it comes to internet connection, fibre optic is the best on the market so it’s definitely worth considering if you want to remain competitive.

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