Business Fibre for Hotels

Business Fibre for Hotels

fibre in hotel room

The decision to install fibre optic cables when constructing modern hotels needs no consideration, however many older hotels are looking at switching over from copper cables to fibre as well. And with good reason. Realistically, it’s a matter of time before fibre optics completely replace older ADSL lines, but when it comes to the hospitality industry, it’s something worth considering now rather than later. Here are some of the reasons why business fibre for hotels is so beneficial.

Business Fibre for hotels

Ease of installation

When it comes to retrofitting from traditional copper to fibre cables, many hotel managers are concerned with the time and disruption to guests. Although it is by no means a quick fix, the smaller, more compact fibre cables are generally easier to install than copper and will actually save on space as well. It’s certainly worth dealing with a minor disruption initially, knowing the staff and guests will have access to superior internet capabilities in the long run.

High-speed connectivity

Hotel guests are likely to require internet access simultaneously, and for a significant duration of their stay. They do not want interrupted, unreliable internet that battles to keep up with the demand. To avoid dealing with grumbling guests moaning about a lack of access, fibre optics is the way to go. Satisfied guests are loyal guests and this customer loyalty is the lifeblood of the hospitality industry.

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Increased bandwidth

One of the many reasons fibre is so much faster than copper is the enhanced bandwidth capability that prevents bottlenecking with more users. Guests will experience simultaneous upload and download speeds, regardless of the number of users or devices.

Smart Appliances

The installation of fibre into hotels opens up the possibility of the Internet of Things – smart applications to assist guests in day-to-day activities. Guests will eventually have the ability to control the temperature, lighting and other room appliances directly from their smartphones. This enhanced speed also allows for uninterrupted television viewing.

Cost savings

There are so many cost benefits associated with fibre in hotels, among them the ability to drive revenue directly from increased bookings – guests want fast, secure internet. Fibre cables are made of glass which means they withstand weathering and electrical interference, eliminating the need for costly upgrades every few years. There are also fewer maintenance costs involved and, added to this the speed and reliability, makes for big savings overall.

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Fibre systems allow for easy upgrades and downgrades over the years, without all the associated costs involved. This means that hotels can increase the fibre cabling as and when needed, starting small and then extending throughout the property. It also means that any hotel looking at downsizing has the option of decreasing the cable offering.

A greener option

Hotels these days are looking to attain that shiny Green Star Rating by ticking all the sustainable boxes possible. This environmental consciousness attracts guests while also doing its bit for the planet. Fibre optics are made from glass, making them fully recyclable, and the nature of the substance means they use up to 60% less energy than copper networks.

Hotels need to do everything possible to attract new guests while retaining the repeat customers, and one of the biggest considerations is the internet connectivity. To compete in this tough market, hotels should look at installing fibre as a way to satisfy customers with high-speed, reliable internet.

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