Fibre for Hospitals

Fibre for Hospitals

fibre for hospitals

The increasing costs of medical care and competitive nature of the private healthcare sector in South Africa means hospitals are looking towards cost-effective solutions that actually enhance patient care. And, when it comes to internet connectivity, most hospitals are turning to fibre as the most effective telecommunications system available.

Why hospitals need fibre

IT-supported medicine

Hospital management are in agreement that IT-supported medicine is the most feasible way to keep patients and staff happy while competing with the best hospitals in the area. The incredible benefits of fibre – speed, reliability, security, storage and lower costs – are prompting a switchover from traditional copper to fibre cables.

Higher safety measures

Hospitals and clinics, understandably, have incredibly strict compliance standards when it comes to health and safety. One of the biggest concerns for hospitals, as with any building housing a number of people, is fire safety. Fibre optic cables offer a much lower risk of fire than the copper competitors, making them a preferred internet option. The speed at which fibre works also contributes to the effectiveness of a hospital and prevents delays and possible hazards.

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Telephone and surveillance

Telecommunications and video surveillance are vital elements in the effective day-to-day running of any hospital. Fibre cables, with their low latency and enhanced reliability, offer a really effective connection for advance telephony and surveillance systems.

Lower costs

From installation and maintenance, to storage and running, fibre is the most cost-effective internet solution, making it the ideal choice for, often, financially-restricted hospitals. The costs saved on provision of internet can be channelled into other sectors of the hospital, such as technological advancements and staff salaries.


Hospitals and clinics have long relied on the ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model that allows for increased network connections as and when they are required, or funds are available. Fortunately, the fibre optic network easily allows for expansion of the network with minimal fuss.

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Bigger bandwidth

The amount of data sent through any cable is known as bandwidth and it’s no surprise that hospitals need to transfer large amounts of data between medical facilities, and elsewhere, on a daily basis. Fibre optic cables have a significant advantage over competitors because of the sizeable bandwidth offered. This means symmetrical uploads and downloads at significant speeds.

Secure networks

The medical records of all individuals hospitalised will be housed within the healthcare facility’s various systems. This material is of an incredibly sensitive nature and contains information relating to personal and financial circumstances, all of which must be kept private. Where copper cables are susceptible to physical interference – hacking – fibre cables are unlikely to be tapped as any interference will cause the system to shut down. This makes the hospital data much more secure. In addition, the glass that makes up fibre cables is more stable than copper, is less likely to be affected by temperature or electromagnetic interference and can also be submerged in water.

When it comes to internet options for hospitals, fibre is easily the most cost-effective, reliable, secure and speedy solution on offer. By partnering with the right internet provider, the hospital will be able to enhance internet capabilities for the smoother provision of medical assistance as well as an enhanced patient experience overall.

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