Benefits of Upgrading to Business Fibre

Benefits of Upgrading to Business Fibre

Benefits of business fibre

If you’re still considering whether upgrading to fibre optics is good for your business, stop. Upgrading is definitely the best option for your business. And here are a few reasons why.

Upgrading to Business Fibre

1. Speed, speed and more speed

Terms like ‘light speed’ and ‘symmetric speed’ should get you really excited. The reality is that slow internet connectivity can cost a business up to a week’s worth of production timen. That’s huge. Fibre optic cables are thinner, lighter and more durable than ADSL allowing the data to travel at light speed – up to 100 times faster than ADSL. This means transferring higher volumes of traffic without impacting on the download speeds. ‘Symmetric’ speed refers to equal upload and download times with fibre optic connections, so you can expect:

• Faster file transferring
• Uninterrupted streaming
• Faster page load times
• Uninterrupted VOIP (long distance voice calls)

2. Take it to the cloud

The seamless transfer of data means that you can move your business processes straight into the cloud. This is a really business-friendly tool for apps, hosting and storage applications with easy access to all cloud-hosted information from anywhere. This also means no more bulky storage devices that are prone to crashing and losing vital information.

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3. The dependable option

Copper cables are notoriously unreliable. The illegal copper market makes them vulnerable to theft, they are subject to degradation over the years and susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Heavy traffic flow across the cables slows down internet connection, a problem for those in big organisations. Fibre cables, on the other hand, are constructed from glass so are not susceptible to theft, electromagnetic interference or weathering. There is also no impact on speed from other users making it the optimum business option.

4. Bring on the bandwidth

Reaching your data cap is something every business can attest to and, while fibre optics are not unlimited, they do offer significantly higher bandwidth. The following activities tend to eat up a lot of bandwidth, so if your business depends on any items below, definitely consider the fibre optic solution:

• Web conferencing
• Streaming high-definition video
• SIP trunking
• File sharing
• Cloud applications

5. It’s all about security

It’s a lot easier than most business owners realise to hack into business cables through methods such as cable tapping. However, not so with fibre optic cables which would require someone to physically cut the fibres – a move that would cut the signal altogether. Leaked information can effectively destroy a company so it’s worth protecting yourself against cyber-crime by choosing fibre.

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6. Cost savings

Once the initial costs have been factored into the installation of fibre optic cabling, the savings will become increasingly evident. Enhanced speed and reliability result directly in improved business productivity. Fibre optics also allow for scalability so, as this business grows, so can the internet connection. This means you don’t have to outlay huge expenses at the start.

Most major cities across South Africa now have access to fibre optic internet services, with smaller towns and outlying areas also poised for connection. It’s important to liaise with the right internet service provider, however, to ensure you get the right package, for your company.

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