Fibre for Corporates

Fibre for Corporates

fibre for corporates

One of the biggest drivers of new business for corporates these days is digital – digital marketing, digital communication, digital customer care – but for this to be effective, the internet connectivity needs to be unwavering. Fibre is the next generation connection that is pushing the game-changing corporations ahead, and leaving those without lagging behind. Here is why fibre is the only real option for corporates.

Fibre for corporates

1. Security of the network

Corporate data, client financials, personal information…this is the modern-day treasure trove for criminals and any corporation that has suffered a security breach will vouch for the importance of a safe network. The dedicated nature of fibre optics makes the internet service much more secure – there is no way to cable tap or penetrate the fibre optic cable. There is significantly less chance of a data breach through direct cable access for corporates using fibre than for those using traditional copper wires.

2. Cloud Access

The cloud has become an incalculably useful tool for data storage, saving on costs, space and maintenance requirements. But, to ensure customer relations are maintained, there needs to be constant and quick access to the cloud, which means enhanced speed and bandwidth capabilities. Fibre offers corporates just this, meaning no information delay and resultant client frustrations.

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3. Keep up with the pace

There is just no comparison when it comes to internet speed – fibre is the outright winner. And for corporates, this in itself should be enough of a sell. Because fibre optic cables are thinner, lighter and more durable than ADSL, they transfer data at light speed, sometimes 100 times faster than ADSL. They offer symmetric upload and download speeds, allowing for higher volumes of traffic to be transferred. This means corporate users can expect faster file transfers, page loading, as well as uninterrupted streaming and VOIP.

4. Keeps you connected

As mentioned fibre is a much more durable substance than copper, making it impervious to manual intrusion. In addition, fibre is not susceptible to inclement weather conditions or electrical interference, so you will still have speedy internet access during thunderstorms. The black market for copper wires created a major headache for internet users, corporates among them. As fibre optics have no black-market value, there is no threat of theft. All this leaves corporates with is a really reliable internet service that keeps clients and staff satisfied.

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5. Boost the bottom line

The rollout of fibre nationwide means more accessibility, and a range of service providers. While there will be some cost involved in connecting fibre throughout the business, the speed, reliability and low maintenance requirements will soon see these expenses overshadowed by long-term savings. The direct cloud access also means corporates won’t have to pay for physical servers, saving on space and electrical costs. Whatever the size of the corporation, fibre can be scaled up and down, allowing for flexibility as the business changes with minimal cost involved.

6. Video conferencing

No corporate can function in modern times without video conferencing, and fibre makes tele- and video-conferencing a pleasure. Corporates can invest in superior tele-conferencing equipment, and save on excessive costs related to travel for employees.

The only way to keep up with corporate competitors is to keep meeting the same targets. The only way to get ahead is to use the best tools available. When it comes to connectivity, the best tool available is fibre, so there’s no really no reason to delay.

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