How 5G will re-shape business in the future

How 5G will re-shape business in the future

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the real need for enhanced internet connectivity to meet the needs of a more mobile global population. The implementation of 5G – the fifth generation in mobile networks – will meet this need and also work to re-shape the way we do business going forwards. Here is a look at the few impacts this revolutionary 5G network is set to have:

How the rollout of 5G will re-shape business in the future

1. Remote distance working

Forced national lockdowns have shown many employers that remote working is a feasible option which saves on massive costs for business. For many years the concept of remote working has been considered but various cultural and technological issues have slowed the move. Post lockdown, these cultural issues will be a thing of the past while the 5G network will address the technological issues associated with distance offices.

2. Economic boost in rural areas

South Africa’s history has created a present divide in economic access. While there are many socio-political factors involved, the reality is that access to the internet will empower people in the rural areas like no other measures before. The rollout of 5G technology will allow residents in South Africa’s rural communities to secure a future by studying online using mobile technology. It also provides a platform to access a solid financial stream through enhanced entrepreneurial opportunities and generally increased connectivity.

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3. More video, less travel

5G technology brings with it lower latency and enhanced internet speeds – a combination that results in superior video support. There are so many video-conferencing apps available that will facilitate interdepartmental or inter-office meetings – whether in the same city or across continents – through 5G technology. The knock-on effect is a decrease in travel time, which means much less congestion and stress.

4. Use of AR and VR in business

Another positive business impact of 5G technology is the support of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This is likely to be incredibly significant across numerous industries – retail, property, entertainment, gaming, tourism and manufacturing, among them.

5. Better transport

In addition to minimising the need for daily transport, the commutes that do have to be undertaken for business will be enhanced through 5G capabilities. This superior connectivity is anticipated to bring in self-driving vehicles and smart traffic lights so, effectively, people will be able to work while travelling in cars. 5G will also enable low-latency vehicle-to-vehicle communications as well as vehicle-to-roadside infrastructure communications for the freight and logistics industries. While we aren’t yet at driver-less trucks, 5G is bringing this reality closer than ever.

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6. Improved retail experience

The lowered latency, enhanced speed and VR capabilities will revolutionise the retail experience. Shopping online will be seamless while in-store shopping can incorporate AR technology to improve the shopper’s experience.


7. Internet of Things (ioT)

This term has been thrown about for a few years now but 5G is making IoT a reality for many businesses. Through enhanced speeds, devices are easily connected which will completely evolve the way things are done. Alongside the improved connectivity and streamlined operations, 5G connectivity will also be much more energy efficient.

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The extensive benefits of this new mobile technology are already being felt and the benefits for both business and personal use will be extensive. It’s just a matter of getting connected and taking advantage of the business-development opportunities available.

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