What is a PABX?

What is a PABX?


There seems to be a lot of confusion around what a PABX is, what a PBX is and the difference between the two. Well there is no difference. A PABX is a Private Automatic Branch Exchange and a PBX is a Private Business eXchange. Both serve the same purpose and that is as a telephone system for a business. If your business is looking for a telephone system that is owned by the business as opposed to by a telephone company, then you are looking for a PABX system, although in most recent years these are often referred to as PBX Systems.

A PABX will connect the businesses instruments separately to the public telephone network (PSTN) A PABX system makes sure that every internal call made is routed through the PABX.

Trends in PABX Systems

Over the years PABX’s have evolved and now a days you are able to buy a conventional PABX, a Virtual PABX or a Hybrid PABX. (All of these are discussed in our article, Conventional PABX vs Virtual PABX vs Hybrid PABX.)

VoIP (Voice Over IP) also known as IPBX is another common trend in the development of PABX switchboard systems. This uses IP (Internet Protocol) to carry calls.

Cloud-based PBX or On-Premise PBX

The shift to digital platforms has gained momentum for some time now with on-premise PBX quickly being replaced by cloud-based PBX.

While an on-premise PBX has served a vital function in business communications, it’s simply being overtaken by the next level in communications. Here’s a look at some of the advantages of cloud-based PBX.

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PABX systems have also become a lot cheaper and more affordable for most businesses. Virtual PABX systems in particular are very cost effective for smaller businesses, as they are able to utilise the benefits of a PABX system without having to host the system onsite. Read more about this in The 10 Benefits of a Virtual PBX System.

Depending on which brand of PABX you choose, there are a number of add-on features available, which can really assist a businesses in their telecommunication needs, such as call transfer, speed dialling, voicemail, conference calling, call waiting, call forwarding and automatic ring back. It is important to ask which features are included in the PABX system that you choose.

For the best advice as to which one is right for your business, the best deals and service on all PBX and Virtual PABX systems that suit your business needs.

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