Top 5 Telecommunications Trends in 2022

Top 5 Telecommunications Trends in 2022

Considering the unexpected twists and turns we’ve had to navigate this past year, predicting what the future holds is no easy task. But there’s no doubt that digitisation and connectivity will continue to dominate, making the telecommunications industry one to watch. Here’s a look at five trends we’re expecting to see going into 2022.

5 Telecommunication Trends

1. 5G technology

The fifth generation of mobile networks will have a major impact on telecommunications. With the first generation focused primarily on voice, we’re now entering the age of the Worldwide Wireless Web – the WWWW – which is hinged on the mobile ecosystem. 5G mobile communication brings with it a host of commercial opportunities and practical applications for various industries, including medicine, agriculture and transportation. This mobile technology will enable much further reach and enhanced connectivity overall.


2. Cloud platforms

That’s right, expect more telecommunications providers to embrace the cloud as we enter 2022. Cloud computing has driven innovation in the telecom industry by providing platforms for more flexibility and scalability. Using cloud computing, telecom operators are able to minimise costs and generate new revenue streams using technological solutions.


3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Big data and AI are becoming popular in the telecommunications industry, from self-optimising networks through to addressing errors before they become problematic. This is particularly key, because when companies are able to identify challenges early on, they can take preventative measures to avoid issues in the long run, saving on costs. AI also allows telecoms to successfully create new customer experiences for better working relations.


4. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is everywhere, and the telecommunications industry is no different. IoT is able to equip telecoms supply chain partners with the tools to promote their technology. IoT can also be leveraged to offer a range of products and services beyond the existing ones, including location information and data use patterns. There is much greater connectivity with IoT leading to better cohesion and management.

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smart internet of things examples


5. Cybersecurity

The more cloud-based connectivity, the more data is being transferred within a company and this provides cybercriminals with a considerable advantage. That’s why telecoms industries will implement regulations and security measures to protect big data. Businesses that don’t acknowledge the massive responsibility this data comes with will lose clients’ trust and put their future at risk.

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What you should consider when choosing a telecoms provider

Now that you have an insight into emerging trends, you need to ensure you partner with a telecoms provider that is embracing the changing market and putting your company ahead. Some of the factors to consider include:


  • Network security: We’ve discussed this risk of cybercrime so you need to ask your provider about protection against ransomware, phishing and other cyber threats. A secure network makes all the difference.
  • Scalability: Your telecom provider will need to incorporate the latest technology that allows you to scale up or down depending on your business needs.
  • Customisation: Your telecom provider needs to tailor the services to your businesses processes and operations.
  • Support: Once the system is installed and a problem arises, will your telecom provider be able to offer the necessary support to keep things operational? Check customer reviews and their support policy.
  • Services: We’ve mentioned that cloud is becoming a preferred option so check whether your telecom provider actually offers cloud-based options.
  • Cost: This is often the biggest determining factor when choosing a provider so make sure you get all the costs – ALL of them – upfront! You don’t want to suddenly receive a massive bill for services that weren’t disclosed.


For an industry-leading telecommunications provider who ticks all these boxes, you should consider ECN. They offer a range of cost-effective voice, data and hosted services to meet all the 2022 trends.

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