6 Ways VoIP Saves Your Business Money

6 Ways VoIP Saves Your Business Money

With costs escalating daily, businesses need to be implementing the most efficient technologies now to ensure profitability later. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is by investing in VoIP technology. This sophisticated telephone system will save you money across the board – here’s how!


What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an internal and external communication system that is essentially the gold standard of business connectivity. This technology allows you to make phone calls over broadband internet rather than using an analogue phone line.

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6 ways VoIP saves money

Paying for new equipment may be costly at the start, but when you’re investing in quality equipment like VoIP, you benefit from long-term cost savings. Here’s a look at the six key ways that a VoIP system will save you money.


1.     Lower hardware costs

One of the biggest costs related to any new equipment is the actual equipment itself, but with a VoIP system, this is actually where you save. The VoIP equipment is actually much cheaper than that of traditional phone lines, and you can actually get away without paying for any hardware at all if you decide to use your existing computers and smartphones. This means that you don’t need to go out and buy new handsets or invest in new phone lines, you can simply adapt existing phones using a converter.


2.     Cut in call fees

The global nature of modern business means that international calls are a daily requirement for businesses to keep operational. With a traditional phone line, international calls can be incredibly costly for a business, and employees are also restricted to making these calls from an office setting. However, a VoIP system doesn’t use analogue phone lines, but rather the internet to make calls, which means massive cost savings for the company. If you make frequent international phone calls, then you might consider purchasing a phone number from a foreign country to further cut down on costs.


3.     Lower maintenance costs

The PBX phone system comes with substantial hardware that will need ongoing maintenance and replacements. As businesses increasingly turn to more effective VoIP systems, it will become much more difficult and costly to source replacement parts and individuals with the skills required for maintenance. When you switch to VoIP, there’s a reduction in your hardware needs, meaning fewer costs associated with maintenance. And even when part of the system does fail, it’s much more cost-effective to have it repaired or replaced than traditional phone lines.


4.     Increased flexibility and mobility

The shift to remote and flexible working hours is undoubtedly permanent as businesses adapt to this more agreeable model, but this means your communication system needs to adapt as well. Enter VoIP! With this flexible operating system, employees don’t have to re-route their phones when off location, and they’re not restricted to making calls depending on where they are. They can connect using any smartphone, tablet or laptop device which means more productivity.


5.     More features for less

There are always new features emerging in communication technology, and upgrading can often be the most expensive component of the software. However, with a VoIP system, you’re actually enjoying a wide range of advanced features with either no cost or very low charges. You can also cut costs by opting out of certain features that have no value-add for your business. These features will further increase your business operations, meaning that your company is saving on further costs.

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6.     Increased efficiency and productivity

All these incredible cost savings benefits also work to improve the efficiency of your operations, save your employees time and increase productivity. The fact that employees are able to work remotely or according to more flexible work hours also makes for a much more content workforce, which translates directly to more productivity.


If you’re considering switching over to a VoIP system, then make sure you’re working with industry experts who can assure you of cost savings by installing the best. They’ll also provide you with the required running, upgrades and maintenance support so you’re getting the most out of VoIP.


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