Scaling Your Business with a Hosted PBX Solution

Scaling Your Business with a Hosted PBX Solution

Business Growth

If you’re business that’s in a fortunate position of growth, then you need to be equipped with the right technology to accommodate this upward expansion. In terms of communication, a hosted PBX system is undoubtedly your best option for scaling your business. This cloud-based phone system is hosted off-site, allowing for increased remote operations while saving your business time and money. Here’s how you can achieve this growth.


1.     Integration

When you install a hosted PBX system into your business, it can actually integrate with the other existing business tools such as your customer relationship management (CRM) software, and other productivity applications. This means your employees are not having to learn a whole new system, they will simply adapt to a new tool that integrates with the existing system.


2.     Centralisation

With hosted PBX systems, functions like user settings, reporting, analytics, and call routing can be managed from the centralised system. This makes it simple to use, but also provides your business with incredibly useful data insights that can be used for strategic business decision-making. Insights include aspects such as call volume, customer interactions, call duration and more.


3.     Remote Workforce

If your business is growing, no doubt you’re adopting remote working opportunities that benefit you and the employees. A hosted PBX system enables seamless communication no matter where your employees are located by leveraging features such as mobile integration, call forwarding, and virtual extensions.


4.     Scalable Features

Whether your business is growing now or you’re planning on future growth, then you want to consider hosted PBX which supports this through scalable features. Some of the key features you’d want to consider are voicemail, call routing and queuing, video conferencing, call recording and more. This means you can add more features as you go along, and even scale down depending on your customer demands.


5.     Cost-effective

When you install a traditional PBX system, you’re restricted by physical hardware, infrastructure, and ongoing maintenance. This is not only geographically limiting, but incredibly expensive if you’re considering upscaling your operations. With hosted PBX, you’re able to easily upscale your operation without the cost associated with new hardware and infrastructure investment, and expensive maintenance costs. You can also easily add and remove phone lines through a web-based interface.


6.     Disaster Recovery

The past few years have taught us that sudden disasters can impact business at any time. From the Covid-19 pandemic to load-shedding, disaster recovery is vital for ensuring your business remains operational no matter what. A hosted PBX system has built-in redundancy and recovery mechanisms with all data backed up in the cloud infrastructure. This means you can resume normal operations no matter what disaster strikes, minimising downtime and revenue loss.


7.     Low Maintenance

Hosted PBX systems are not only easy to use and cost-effective, but they’re also incredibly low maintenance. All calls are hosted off-site which means there is no on-site hardware maintenance and upgrades that can become incredibly costly over time. Your system updates will be handled by the PBX provider, making this a really low-maintenance system.


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