Improving Customer Service with AI-Powered Business Communication Systems

Improving Customer Service with AI-Powered Business Communication Systems

The increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in all industries is prompting business owners to actually consider what AI brings to the table, and how it can benefit their business. With communication central to all business operations, the adoption of AI-powered business communication systems is impacting businesses across almost every sector. One of the ways it’s particularly beneficial is in its contribution to improved customer service.


What are AI-powered business communication systems?


An AI-powered business communication system is an advanced technological solution which relies on AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities to streamline your business communications. This innovative technology allows you to automate a variety of communication systems, personalise engagements, increase efficiency, and basically improve customer communications.


How can AI support customer service?


If you’re reluctant to adopt AI-powered communications into your business, here is a look at the many ways it provides immense support while freeing up your staff for other business operations.


1.     Chatbots


One of the most obvious ways AI-powered communication systems are being used in businesses today is the implementation of AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants. These useful chatbots can handle all your routine customer queries, provide resolutions through instant responses, and streamline the daily workflow. AI also allows for Natural Language Processing (NLP) which means there are constant improvements in the engagements with your customers through chatbots and voice assistants.


2.     Data analysis


The reality is that any business not incorporating data analysis can only do so for a few years before they’re overtaken by competitors. Fortunately, AI-powered business communication systems are also able to provide valuable data analysis, allowing you to extract important trends and patterns that enable businesses to make more informed decisions for better future communication. Further to this, AI-powered systems allow for predictive analysis whereby your customer behaviour, interests, and preferences are predicted based on the analysed data. The data itself will also be kept safe by AI which can identify and mitigate security threats, ensuring that sensitive business communications remain protected.


3.     Scheduling


AI-powered systems use data access and analytics to assist with internal business communications as well, including scheduling appointments and meetings and prompting follow-ups related to calendar preferences and historical information. There’s also the option for email automation, allowing AI to assist with email categorisation, prioritisation, and response suggestions.


4.     Social media


One of the biggest challenges for modern business is maintaining all channels of communication across the many social media platforms. While social media managers are necessary, their job can be drastically improved by the incorporation of AI-powered systems which monitor social media platforms, engage directly with customers, and provide responses to frequently asked questions and other required feedback. As AI develops it’s also able to better gauge customer interactions, help businesses identify issues and react accordingly.


5.     Translation


Global businesses in particular will benefit directly from AI-powered communication systems through the ability to translate any language. This breaks through any language barriers, enabling business operations across borders. The AI-powered systems can also analyse your customer’s data so that communication is not only in the same language but is tailored to their individual preferences and behaviour.


6.     Marketing


Predictive analysis by AI allows businesses to personalise marketing and communication. AI can also optimise generation, customer segmentation, and marketing campaigns by analysing all your company’s communication data and tailoring messages for specific audiences.


7.     Collaboration


When you integrate AI into your business communication systems, you’re improving communication internally as well. The AI-powered tools facilitate communication among colleagues by allowing better information sharing, project collaboration, and conferencing.


How does AI improve customer relations?


“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos


AI-powered business communication systems can improve operations, but it’s probably your customers who will benefit most. Here are some of the ways that AI improves customer relations.


  • Availability: AI-powered chatbots meant that you’re providing instant customer responses, 24/7 which works in the global trade.


  • Scalability: AI-powered systems can handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously so that businesses can grow.


  • Triage: Your AI-powered communication system will prioritise customer queries based on urgency for prompt responses.


  • Data-driven insights: AI will scan the data to identify previous customer queries or recurring problems for better engagement.


  • Personalisation: The AI-powered systems will tailor the customer interaction, addressing them by name and suggesting solutions, products, and services relevant to them.


  • Efficiency: AI assists your customers by dealing with routine queries quicker while allowing your human agents to deal with more complex tasks.


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