Future Trends in VoIP and Their Implications for Business

Future Trends in VoIP and Their Implications for Business

VOIP Trends

Voice over Internet Protocol – more commonly referred to as VoIP – has been connecting telephone users via internet connections for years now. It’s fast become the preferred business communications system, overtaking the less reliable and outdated analogue system. For businesses that are still considering transitioning over to the VoIP system, here are a few reasons why it’s worth considering this system in 2023.


What trends to expect in VoIP

There are some interesting VoIP trends to look forward to in the coming years – here’s a look at some of our favourites.


1.     Mobile VoIP

The rise of flexible working hours and remote offices has prompted the need for mobile VoIP solutions which are becoming more readily available. Mobile VoIP apps enable completely remote work capabilities so that employees can keep connected to colleagues and customers from wherever they are working. The trend of remote working is only growing, so mobile VoIP capabilities will continue to adapt to meet this flexible demand.


2.     IoT integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnectivity of various devices, a trend that just continues to explode worldwide. VoIP is now being more easily integrated with IoT devices, allowing businesses to automate their communication, send alerts and notifications, as well as enabling remote monitoring of business operations.


3.     AI integration

What ChatGPT has shown us is just how impactful Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, and how close we are to having it become part of our everyday lives. While lawmakers debate legislation around these technologies, VoIP systems are integrating with AI technology for a more seamless operation. Some examples of how this is being realised in the communication sector are through voice analytics, real-time transcriptions, virtual assistants and customer engagement.


4.     Natural Language Processing

This AI integration will specifically allow for machine learning and natural language recognition via VoIP systems. This means that global organisations can communicate, no matter the language, using VoIP systems as they will be translated in real-time.


5.     Leveraging blockchain

Blockchain technology essentially allows for the permanent verification of highly sensitive operations so that all digital information is shared safely between various parties. For VoIP, blockchain technology is being leveraged to increase the security of voice communication, as well as allow for billing and payment processes via VoIP services.


6.     5G will become mainstream

We’ve spoken a lot about the arrival of 5G in South Africa and how it’s expected to radically change internet connectivity, but we’re now going to see it become mainstream in the next year or so. This is great news for VoIP as 5G is going to drastically improve the quality of business communication, with increased video chat quality, better internet-based calls, and more efficient communication systems throughout.


7.     Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

VoIP will become part of the omnichannel communication service, UCaaS, which allows businesses to email, message, video chat, and more from the same user interface. A UCaaS system also supports remote operations as businesses have access to cloud-based communications, meaning they can log in from anytime, anywhere.


8.     Improved Quality of Service (QoS)

We can expect VoIP systems to continue improving QoS through the increasingly reliable and higher quality of voice communication. This will be achieved through improved network infrastructure, and the deployment of the aforementioned 5G networks. In an increasingly competitive market, businesses need to maintain a superior level of professionalism to retain the market edge.


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