Features of Hosted PBX Solutions: Call Recording, Analytics, and More

Features of Hosted PBX Solutions: Call Recording, Analytics, and More

If you’re upgrading your business telecommunications systems, it’s time you consider implementing a Hosted PBX solution to better engage with colleagues and clients. This advanced technological communication system is not just a way to stay connected, it comes with unique features that make your daily business operations that much simpler. From call recording to analytics, Hosted PBX has everything you need.


What is hosted PBX?


Hosted PBX – which stands for Private Branch Exchange – is an advanced telecommunications system that offers useful features, without the need for on-site equipment. This is the modern alternative to traditional PBX systems which is the entire phone system with its infrastructure on-site.


What are the two types of hosted PBX?


  1. Cloud-hosted phone system: This is where the phone system connects to an outside VoIP data centre with all the data securely stored in the cloud.


  1. SIP trunking: This is where you keep the existing PBX but the backhaul is done through an SIP trunk provider, allowing you to route calls to a virtual or brick-and-mortar office.


What are the features of hosted PBX?


Besides being hosted off-site and not requiring the traditional hardware, Hosted PBX solutions also come with a number of innovative features that support business communication. These can be tailored to your individual business needs, depending on your size and industry. Features include:


1.     Call recording

You can enjoy call recording capabilities that allow your business to record both inbound and outbound calls which is important for quality assurance, compliance, training, and dispute resolution purposes. These recorded calls are then stored in the cloud for easy access and management.


2.     Analytics and reporting tools

Analysing your telecommunications data is an incredibly useful way to assess your business operations and identify areas to streamline your business. The analytics tools will provide insight into aspects like your call volume, duration of calls, wait times, and more, allowing you to improve customer service across the board. In addition to general analytics, your Hosted PBX will offer call-specific analytics that provides information about individual calls, including call recordings, caller demographics, and call outcomes.


3.     Call queues and forwarding

When you don’t have someone available to take a call, particularly during peak times, then the Hosted PBX has a call queue feature that keeps callers on the line, listening to hold music or useful announcements. It can indicate how much longer they will have to wait or encourage them to either stay in the line or contact the business via another avenue. When a caller does get through, Hosted PBX has a call-forwarding feature that sends calls to different devices or numbers. This is a useful feature for remote working setups as the calls are answered no matter who the caller is looking for.


4.     Auto attendant

In fact, with Hosted PBX you don’t need someone answering every call, rather the auto attendant feature will handle that. This is a virtual receptionist who will answer incoming calls, offer the caller menu options, and then route each caller to the correct destination.


5.     Voicemail to email

Although voicemail is a necessary feature, the PBX Hosted solution takes it a step further with the voicemail transcription which can be sent directly to the inbox or mobile phone. This is valuable for people sitting in a meeting and is also useful as a permanent log of incoming calls.


6.     Video conferencing

With the remote working option, companies are incorporating the video conferencing feature more than ever via the Hosted PBX. There’s no need for add-on apps, the video conferencing feature can be part of the phone package, providing high-quality video calls from wherever.


7.     Increased security

Hosted PBX is a reliable phone system that provides businesses with increased security over customers’ valuable data. In fact, these systems are actually more secure than traditional setups. There is also increased call quality which is vital for uninterrupted meetings and conferences.


To enjoy the benefits of these and many more Hosted PBX features, get in touch with ECN today! These industry leaders will get you connected and drive your business operations in the right direction.

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