Choosing Your Business Fibre Provider

Choosing Your Business Fibre Provider

The reliance of businesses on quality internet connectivity, as well as speedy resolutions when faults arise, cannot be overstated. Poor internet performance will affect customer relations, productivity and, essentially, a business’s overall success. This is why choosing the best business fibre provider is so important. Here are some things to consider when choosing your business fibre provider.

1. Compare providers

Don’t ever just go for the cheapest option because the reality is you’re probably going to end up paying more in the long run. Cheapness often means the provider is cutting costs elsewhere – possibly in services or reliability – so it’s important to thoroughly analyse the offerings of all fibre providers before settling on one option.

2. Line speed

When it comes to analysing internet speed – and fibre optic is definitely your best bet here – then you will be asking about the download and upload speeds. The faster the internet speed, the more you will pay, but it all depends on what you will be doing with the internet. Generally, it’s downloading speeds that are the deciding factor – unless you’re planning on uploading a lot of videos.

3. Data provision

It’s then important to compare the various data offerings alongside the line speed. Many fibre providers will have a range of capped and uncapped monthly options. For customers using services such as Netflix or YouTube, then uncapped options are usually the preferred choice. General emailing and internet surfing will be fine in a capped data option.

4. Customer support

Many companies are very excited to get your initial business, quickly getting you connected and set up, but then the relationship fizzles as problems arise along the way. Ask the business fibre providers about service level agreements, response time, call centre hours and then check online reviews to get a real taste of the customer support.

5. Costs

If you take the line speed and the total cost offered then that is the cost per Mbps – this should be compared across the board. Make sure this includes all monthly costs as well as equipment rentals.

6. Additional costs

As with anything, once you’ve signed up for a contract, you realise there are a number of unforeseen hidden costs. For internet providers, this could be equipment rental or introductory deals that then increase at a later stage. Ask the business fibre provider to be clear about all costs involved upfront.

7. Packages

If this particular fibre provider is also providing you with a phone service or home connection, find out if you get a better bundle rate.

8. Reliability

After all is said and done, if the internet connection is not reliable, then there is no point in considering the option. Enquire about the frequency of network interruptions and then speak to other customers while checking online reviews. Opt for reliable over cheap every time!

It might be a time-consuming undertaking having to compare all business fibre providers, but the time put in will translate into improved business productivity and success down the line. Be thorough with every business fibre provider and make sure you ask around to get a real sense of the service.

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