5G Business Trends 2024

5G Business Trends 2024

As South Africa shifts to renewable power supply through independent producers or off the grid, accessibility to more sophisticated networks increases – which means greater 5G adoption. Along with this fifth-generation wireless technology is a range of groundbreaking business trends which are allowing companies to work faster, and more cost-effectively.

What is 5G technology?

This wireless technology is the latest in mobile communication connectivity, advancing significantly in terms of speed, capacity, and connectivity compared to its predecessors.

What are the incoming 5G trends?

The widespread adoption of 5G technology in 2024 will see a number of innovative trends emerging in the business space.

1.     Growth in mobile gaming

5G technology will allow for cloud gaming and social betting which means more intensive graphics and a better gaming experience on mobile phones. The more accessible this high-quality gaming, the bigger the industry is expected to get, so look forward to new businesses emerging in 2024, with an anticipated 42 million active cloud gaming users.

2.     Extended Reality (XR)

Together, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) provide us with ER applications which are set to grow in 2024. With the increased adoption of 5G, businesses are likely to increase these ER options so that customers can experience their products and services remotely.

3.     More drones

We can also expect more businesses to rely on drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for various uses. This market is anticipated to reach $45.8 billion by 2025. The practical uses of UAVs include accessing remote and dangerous areas for environmental monitoring; assessing hard-to-reach infrastructure; rescuing emergency victims; and dropping off groceries and other deliveries at the door.

4.     Better healthcare

We’ve witnessed the rise of remote and tele-healthcare, and this is only set to grow as 5G supports the provision of quality healthcare services to remote areas. By 2026, it’s anticipated that the total telecom operator revenue potential in healthcare with 5G will be $75.7 billion. There will undoubtedly be new technologies developed to facilitate this remote healthcare.

5.     IoT integration

Businesses will continue to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) within the workspace as a way to reduce mundane tasks and enhance overall efficiency. We’ve seen how healthcare is already being impacted, but this will continue into other sectors such as manufacturing and agriculture.

6.     More autonomous operations

We can expect to see industries deploying more advanced applications which are 5G-enable. This includes IoT integration for smart offices, as well as autonomous vehicles and remote industrial control systems.

7.     Better telecommunications

Companies are likely to adopt more sophisticated telecommunications services as the expansive features will be supported by the faster, more efficient 5G systems. This means VoIP solutions for everything from smaller businesses to corporates as better-quality calls and video conferencing support the modern, remote business operations.

8.     More online shopping

We’ve already seen the rise of online shopping in South Africa with Checkers sixty60, Woolies Dash and more, and retailers are set to leverage this platform even more with 5G support. E-commerce will continue to rise, with retailers offering customers innovative features like AR shopping to try on items.

9.     Improved cybersecurity

The rise of 5G means more data sharing which means more protection is needed. We’ll see a trend of businesses enhancing cybersecurity measures to protect customers’ sensitive data. More regulatory developments will also promote cybersecurity features.

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