Why corporates should consider PBX systems

Why corporates should consider PBX systems

Modern consumers require near-constant communication with businesses, which means installing reliable telecommunication systems. For corporates, this need can be met with the implementation of a PBX system that offers a number of useful features. Here’s a look at this innovative system.


The PBX system explained

PBX – which stands for Private Branch Exchange – is a telephone system with a number of external lines that increase connectivity while reducing costs. Although bigger corporations might opt to have the hardware installed, managed and maintained onsite, businesses are increasingly working with external service providers to manage operations, thereby saving on hassle and costs.


What are the benefits of PBX for corporates?

There are many reasons that corporates are using PBX systems for their operations. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the main ones…


1.     Easy-to-use conference calls

Conference calls, once a useful part of business operations, have suddenly become vital in the age of Covid-19 – and beyond. PBX systems make conference calls incredibly easy for corporates, because rather than using a limited set of phone lines, you can use data network so there are endless lines.


2.     Increased flexibility

Another major change has been the increase in mobile work operations which means your telecommunications system needs to be appropriately flexible. A PBX system is a portable service so your team can use if from anywhere. Basically, the software application is installed on your smartphone, tablet or computer and voice calls are simply sent via the internet without the need for physical phone lines.


3.     A better customer experience

Corporates can no longer afford to be big, ‘faceless’ entities. The modern consumer wants to make a real connection, and they want ease of accessibility at all times. The increased flexibility of the PBX system, mentioned above, means that your business will never miss out on any important calls, and consumers are easily helped anytime, anywhere.


4.     Constantly updated features

Different corporate operations will have different requirements when it comes to telecommunication features. Fortunately, PBX systems come with a variety of user-friendly features that make everyday life easier. And, with a VoIP system, everything is internet-based so there are constant software upgrades. Below we’ll look at a few of the popular features you can expect to find.


Active call controls

One of the biggest drawcards is the ability to control active calls so that you’re never caught off guard. Among these features are:

  • Recording: This lets you record calls for future reference or security purposes.
  • Barging: You can join in a call whenever you want, which means you don’t have to waste time sitting in while things not relevant to your department are discussed.
  • Whispering: This allows you to listen in and join a conversation at the appropriate time.
  • Monitoring: You can listen in to any call without having to be an active participant.


Auto attendant

Rather than wasting time answering and directing calls, corporate receptionists are able to focus on other administrative duties with the introduction of the PBX system auto attendant. This useful feature will redirect callers to the right extension through a set of recorded options.


Mobile call routing

The flexibility of PBX systems comes into play with this added feature that will direct a call to your personal cellphone while also displaying the business caller ID from mobile devices. Your calls will even switch between internet or cellular networks depending on your current location.


Security features

Despite the mobile nature of modern PBX systems for corporates, they come with enhanced security features that encrypt voice and ensure all private information remains private. An example of this is the use of one-time pins to access conference calls, preventing any outside interference.



Certain PBX systems will even transcribe inbound voice messages and convert them into text format so they can be read if needed. In fact, there are a variety of voicemail feature options available depending on the corporate requirements.


ECN, which is a leader in voice and data solutions, will install and manage a superior PBX system tailored to your business size and demands. You benefit from a reliable, quality service as well as ongoing customer care and support so that you’re never out of touch.

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