Common 5G Questions and Answers

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From the advent of the mobile phone, there has been a supporting network which started with the first generation – 1G – and has evolved alongside cellular technology to the current network, 5G or the 5th generation cellular wireless. Here are the most frequently asked questions surrounding the 5G network answers Some of the biggest […]

5G and the Internet of Things

Whatever your current industry, 5G and IoT will impact your business at some point in the near future, so it’s worth delving into these two technological game-changers now. 5G will influence a number of facets of everyday life, including IoT – and here’s how. How 5G plays an important role in the Internet of Things […]

The Pandemic and the adoption of 5G technology

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When news alerts started emanating about a novel coronavirus a few months back, few people could have anticipated the impact this pandemic would have on all sectors of society. By April, half the world’s population was in some form of lockdown, and this prompted significant demand on the current internet systems – a 50% increase […]