6 Ways that Fibre Will Change Business in South Africa

6 Ways that Fibre Will Change Business in South Africa

Fibre to business

With internet access high on the national agenda and fibre optics’ rollout enhancing speed and reliability of the internet, businesses not taking advantage of the online space are soon going to be missing out. Here are a few ways fibre is set to change business in South Africa.

Fibre for Business

1. Online shopping

Brick and mortar buildings are needed only for storage as the shopping experience moves online in a big way. This translates into savings on rental space and salaries – but the online space needs to be properly set up and managed. It’s very easy to attract new customers but the key is repeat business, so if the site is confusing, the goods received aren’t in good condition or there’s a mix up, then customers will go elsewhere.

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2. Upsurge in deliveries

The move to online shopping will require the successful delivery of ordered goods which means delivery businesses will be booming. The increased competition will, hopefully, push prices down while also enhancing service.

3. Enhanced social media presence

Internet accessibility on smartphones will allow for increased social media by consumers and a bigger social media presence by companies. Businesses will take advantage of the advertising space on social media, as well as word-of-mouth and online ratings for a boost of the corporate image.

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4. Streaming services

The recent introduction of Spotify – the streaming music service – to South African audiences is one of many streaming services that are being welcomed into the country. There is a definite shift towards visual streaming services which can be a hugely beneficial tool in the education sector with international podcasts and lessons shared in the classroom.

5. Video conferencing

The idea of a 9 to 5 job is quickly becoming obsolete with people able to access office systems and documents remotely. Video conferencing allows for colleagues to touch base while getting work done from home or satellite offices. This could result a major decrease in traffic in larger cities with employers happy for employees to work remotely – as long as the work gets done.

6. App-based services

Internet connectivity allows for more time spent on smartphones and their applications – or apps. There will be a surge in the provision of app-based services such as Uber, TaskRabbit and Orderin which South African businesses should take advantage of, and also look to finesse with some local flavour.

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If you own a business, whether a small Digital Marketing Agency or a Business Intelligence Consultancy, then it’s worth going over it analytically to decide where you can incorporate internet use and services to cut overheads and streamline workflow. If you’re looking to start your own company, then now is the time to seek an internet-based option. There is money to be made, you just need some creative thinking!

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