7 reasons to get 5G service in 2020

7 reasons to get 5G service in 2020

5G connectivity

One of the many, many lessons learnt this year is that taking advantage of new technology is vital for business survival, and decidedly beneficial for personal use as well. And one of the biggest game-changers in terms of technological connectivity in 2020, is the arrival of 5G.

What is 5G?

This is the next generation in wireless network technology that is designed for enhanced speed and reliability. Here’s a look at why it’s the service to get.

1. 5G has more capacity

Our reliance on the internet is only set to increase as the Internet of Things becomes much more commonplace in work and home settings. The 5G technology is, effectively, the most powerful wireless network, able to support a high volume of inter-connected devices. Users won’t suffer the latency issues experienced with the existing 4G service.

2. Enhanced cloud storage

Data storage demands will continue to grow, and 5G has the capacity to reduce clutter on phones and mobile devices by saving files to the cloud. File retrieval through 5G will also be quick and easy, allowing you to seamlessly switch between files and devices.

3. Better video quality

Through 5G connections, newer technologies will benefit from increased visuals. High-resolution videos will be a gamer’s dream, and for those connecting to family and friends far away, the 5G service will bring them even closer!

4. More hotspot data

It’s likely that 5G users will also benefit from increased hotspot data. In some instances, this will be a much faster connection than cable or fibre optics.

5. 5G is safe

The rollout of 5G technology was met with some unwarranted concerns regarding excess radiation. However, numerous studies centred on 5G phones have indicated there is no more risk than current cellphones, so 5G devices are completely safe to use.

6. More 5G devices

Although 5G is nowhere near mainstream, incoming devices are likely to be 5G compatible. Cellphones, tablets and laptops will be available with 5G support. With 5G fast becoming the preferred wireless network, it’s worth looking at investing in technologies with 5G capabilities going forwards.

7. Affordability of 5G phones

As with all new technology, prices are initially going to be set quite high, but it does seem that many manufacturers are attempting to price devices in a more affordable price bracket. With South Africans benefitting from 5G connectivity a bit later than other countries, the pricing could be even more reasonable for local users.

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It’s anticipated that, within the next five years, almost half the mobile connections will be 5G. There’s no need to wait, users can start enjoying the superior connectivity offered by this network in 2020.

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