The Society for Animals In Distress

The Society for Animals In Distress

[ The Society for Animals In Distress ] –

It should be established at the outset that The Society for Animals in Distress (SAID) is not a ‘homing’ organization. And only by visiting our special farm is one able to appreciate the uniqueness of our dynamic Society. As a major non-profit provider of professional veterinary services since 1958, we strive to create a safe and healthy environment for all animals within educated and prosperous communities north – and north-east of Johannesburg.

Teams of Animal Welfare Assistants (AWAs), in vehicles equipped with two-wayBI0-122 radios and veterinary supplies, are dispatched daily to Tembisa, Winnie Mandela Park, Ivory & Ebony Parks, Diepsloot, Olievenhoutbosch, Mooiplaas, Zevenfontein and Cosmo City.

These ‘Mobile Clinics’ respond to emergency calls received at our headquarters, The Paddocks, and our teams treat the animals on-site where possible. Regular de-worming of all animals they come into contact with is just one of SAID’s daily priorities. Preventative treatments and vaccination against infectious diseases are another. AWAs will also trace the owners of animals on the streets and advise them on all aspects of responsible pet ownership.

Welfare is provided to those who cannot afford treatment for their animals, and 074-676 all cases are followed up regularly. Prior to leaving their designated areas each day, our teams will collect animals that may be scheduled for surgery at our hospital on the following day. Serious cases are brought to our farm for intensive care or surgery in a caring environment.