Telecommunications Trends 2020

Telecommunications Trends 2020

Massive technological advancements are set to transform the telecommunications’ industry in 2020, providing businesses with even more efficient communications’ options and a variety of new features to consider. Here are some of the biggest telecommunications’ trends we’re anticipating for 2020.

Telecommunications Trends

1. The rollout of 5G

5G is the latest evolution of wireless data bringing with it connections that are incredibly reliable and around 10 times faster than the current 4G used by cellphone networks. This enhanced speed, ultra-low latency and improved data rates are all good news for the South African telecommunications’ industry which will benefit from the 2020 rollout. More data will be transferred at greater speeds and users can enjoy uninterrupted telecommunications’ services going forwards.

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2. Cloud computing in telecommunications

It’s anticipated that there will be an increased use of cloud computing in the telecommunications’ industry in 2020. The introduction of cloud computing means more services can be introduced, enhanced scalability, with overall costs reduced. Using cloud-based services, businesses are able to store more data and improve system performances.

3. Internet of Things

The telecommunications’ industry allows for the connectivity of various internet-based devices, making it central to the Internet of Things (IoT) going into 2020. Basically, IoT is a system of inter-related computing devices and machines allowing for the transference of data without human input. Through IoT technology, telecommunications can monitor base stations and data centres remotely, minimising the productivity downtime.

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4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation

Customer service and satisfaction will be enhanced by the further incorporation of AI and automation in telecommunications through features such as virtual assistants and chatbots. AI will also work to ensure optimisation, predictive maintenance, fraud detection and predictive analytics to allow for improved profitability.

5. Robotic process automation (RPA)

2020 will see more telecommunications’ companies introducing RPA to replace the repetitive, high-frequency processes. Some of these tasks include report generation, responding to customer queries, order processing and price tracking, among others. RPA also offers scalability, reduces errors and boosts profits.

6. Better cyber security

Telecommunications is responsible for phone and video calls, emailing and messaging, all of which transfer highly sensitive data that needs protection. In 2020, we can expect to see superior cyber security within the telecommunications’ sector. This includes having the right IT infrastructure in place as well as the correct processes to support resiliency if attacked.

There are big advancements being made in telecommunications and lots to look forward to in 2020, just ensure you are partnering with industry leaders to take advantage of all the incoming trends.


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