Smart Offices and 5G

Smart Offices and 5G

The fifth generation of mobile technology – 5G – is the next step to enhanced telecommunications through diminished latency and superior speeds. For South Africa, a country that is extremely reliant on mobile technology, this will unlock great potential within the realm of business. One aspect that is destined to benefit greatly from the rollout of 5G is the office space – particularly through the implementation of smart offices. Here is what businesses can look forward to.

Direct access

Through 5G-enabled technology, offices can be fitted with image recognition technology that will enable registered staff to enter and exit the office without any physical pass. This means there will be no further need for key cards or signing in, and will greatly enhance security features – particularly relevant in high-risk industries.

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Climate control

Through 5G-powered offices, advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will create smart offices that can specify elements to the user’s needs. Sensors installed in the office will analyse information on brightness, temperature and humidity and adjust artificial heating and cooling devices, as well lighting, to the optimum level without human interference.

Smart desks

The negative health risks associated with sitting too long at a desk are prompting more offices to install standing desks or sit-and-stand desks which allows the user to alternate between sitting and standing. In addition to health improvements, this keeps workers more alert and productive. Through 5G technology, IoT has allowed for the scientific recording of worker movements, alerting you when you’ve been sitting or standing too long.

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Technologies such as IoT, AI, AR and VR can be incorporated into the office space, creating aspects such as conference rooms and office automation. This means that office collaboration will quickly grow, work tasks will be tackled immediately and overall productivity will increase. Because of the superior speed of communication through 5G, real-time collaboration can allow for immediate interactions, rather than the scheduling of meetings.


Another key aspect of smart offices is that the office space doesn’t need to be fixed. The enhanced upload and download, lower latency and access to AR means that your office can be wherever you are. Through the massive 5G bandwidth delivery, video calls won’t need to buffer which means teleconferencing anytime, anywhere. Worldwide, there is a shift to remote work that favours flexitime – enhancing productivity by saving on travel time. Through seamless 5G internet connectivity, this will be even more of a reality for South African workers.

While the rollout of 5G in South Africa will still take a few years, when it does arrive, businesses should be ready to maximise on the many associated benefits. By working with a reputable supplier, businesses can ensure they are ready for the next generation of technology as soon as it arrives.

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