Benefits of Business Fibre

Benefits of Business Fibre

ADSL Business Internet Access

Fibre or a fibre-optic internet connection can add tremendous value to any organisation. Even though this technology is relatively new to the market, the rate of adoption across businesses and homes has been intense over the last few months and it seems that the benefits of fibre far outweigh the costly task of switching over from broadband Internet or copper-connectivity to fibre.

Business Fibre

How does fibre work?

Fibre optic cables use pulses of light to send your data between 2 points. Traditional copper cable uses sound pulses over the expensive copper metal between two points. Wireless technology uses radio signal pulses to transmit your data streams from your device to the WIFI router or access point.

Fibre optic is, by simple scientific fact, the best technology currently available for data communications. A business fibre line should be every businesses primary choice for internet service provision.

Business Fibre Benefits


As mentioned above fibre transmits data at the speed of light. Lightspeed! We all need access to our web applications and ever-increasing cloud based data without any lag or delays. Fibre is also a symmetric speed technology, which means it uses dedicated lines for upload and download so you will have the same speed in both directions.


The technology allows for huge increments over the limited bandwidth copper and wireless technologies support. Entry level fibre offerings start at 10mbit, which is usually the higher ranges on copper. These can easily scale upwards to 100mbit and even 1gbit if your business requires it. This also makes it cost effective in the long run for future upgrades.


Fibre is less susceptible than copper to degradation and temperature fluctuation interference and dry joint type issues. Above all it resolves the most common annoyance that South African businesses have with copper infrastructure: “Cable Theft.” Fibre has no criminal resale value for its components like copper does for the raw metals.

Security and resilience to interference

Fibre optic by its nature is a point to point technology, making it dedicated to you, so there is no sharing of your fibre line with outside parties like copper or wifi solutions allow. Fibre is also no susceptible to magnetic, electrical or other types of interference that plague both copper and wireless technologies.

In the modern business, we expect our internet performance to be the same as, or better than our in-house LAN (Local Area Network) server access. We need to send and receive larger files faster and more efficiently to and from the internet. A business fibre solution from ECN will give you that and more.

ECN integrate all VoIP and Virtual PBX technologies through their business fiber offerings, giving you a one to one high speed (lightspeed) voice and data business internet service. Find out more about ECN’s comprehensive business fibre and full service offerings and how we can modernize your business.

ECN is a leading telecommunications and business fibre partner in South Africa. ECN offers a broad set of cost effective voice, data and hosted services to meet our customers ever growing technological needs. Our market leading Fibre for business provides our customers with the option of replacing their existing voice service provider to substantially reduce their monthly telecommunications bill. Contact ECN today for leading telecommunications solutions.

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