Benefits of a cloud-based PBX system

Benefits of a cloud-based PBX system

Get your business off to a productive start in 2023 by upgrading to the best communication system available – cloud-based PBX. If you’re not sure whether this is the right system for your operation, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the system and its many benefits for business.


What is a PBX system?

The Pbx – Private Branch Exchange – is a telephone network that allows users to communicate via internal and external lines with a variety of useful features. These systems operate using analogue phone lines – although these are now being replaced by VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems.


What is cloud-based PBX?

Also known as the hosted or virtual PBX, the cloud-based PBX allows you to communicate both internally and externally using the internet. It’s cloud-based because all the software and data are hosted in the cloud.


What are the benefits of a PBX system?

If you’re considering a new telephone system, then the cloud-based PBX is a top contender. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of this particular communications system.


1.     No new equipment

Unlike other telephonic system upgrades, you don’t need a complete overhaul of your equipment to get started with cloud-based PBX. The cloud-hosted PBX system is easily integrated into a traditional phone system without the need for investing in new hardware. It can then be configured to allow users to access both old and new systems where required.


2.     Increased security

As you move over to the cloud, your data security measures have to be increased to ensure nobody can access your private business data or any private customer data. Fortunately, the cloud-based PBX system will come with advanced security measures, with your provider attending to software upgrades, firewalls, and security patches where needed.


3.     Better flexibility

Your employees are most likely adopting the remote working model or increased flexibility in their working hours following the arrival of social distancing. The cloud-based PBX system works into this model by providing employees and customers with direct access to the system via a smartphone, desktop, or tablet. This means you can take business calls while on the road.


4.     Bigger cost savings

As mentioned, you’re not having to outlay massive amounts in new equipment which saves you on costs with a PBX upgrade. With the services hosted by the cloud, there is no limit to your geographical location which also translates into massive cost savings even for long-distance phone calls. Plus, there are cost savings related to repairs and maintenance that you wouldn’t experience with a traditional setup.


5.     Improved scalability

Your business could be rapidly expanding, or you could be looking at some temporary downsizing a little way down the line. This is no matter! Because with a cloud-based PBX system, you can easily add or remove phone lines with absolute ease and minimal cost. Whether you’re looking to add one phone line or even 20, it’s just a matter of minutes by your service provider.


6.     More features

Even if you’re starting with a basic cloud-based PBX system, your business will benefit from a number of innovative features that enhance your professional appearance while improving day-to-day operations. You can enjoy features such as call recording, queueing, voice menu, call control, and more.


7.     Better quality experience

Cloud-hosted PBX systems also provide you with a high-quality internet connection that results in improved voice quality for conferencing and more. You can also chat with your service provider about what network you’ll have access to, because dedicated fibre or 5G will ensure you’re working with the best.


8.     Reports and analysis

Finally, the cloud-based PBX system means that you will have access to real-time monitoring and statistics related to your call service. You’ll be able to keep on top of all outgoing calls, missed calls, call rates, and costs, improving business oversight and accountability.


Don’t waste time and money using an outdated phone system when a quick and simple upgrade can drastically improve operations from the start. Get in touch with ECN today to find out about their cloud-based PBX systems today!

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