5G Business Trends 2024

As South Africa shifts to renewable power supply through independent producers or off the grid, accessibility to more sophisticated networks increases – which means greater 5G adoption. Along with this fifth-generation wireless technology is a range of groundbreaking business trends which are allowing companies to work faster, and more cost-effectively.   What is 5G technology? […]

Benefits and Challenges of Using AI in Business Communication

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from being a futuristic dream to a modern-day reality for households and businesses across the globe. When harnessed correctly, AI has the potential to dramatically enhance business operations, with business communication one area that is already benefitting from this ground-breaking technology.   What are the benefits of AI in business […]

7 VoIP Trends for 2024

It’s that time of year when we’re all planning for a bit of a break, but the best way to ensure you get the relaxation you need is not to have next year’s stress hanging over you. This means incorporating the most effective technology that will boost your business and productivity with less hassle. For […]