What are the best phone systems for restaurants?

Having survived easily the most challenging period in business history, restaurants are welcoming back hungry patrons in large numbers. However, to effectively deal with the high number of incoming calls – without leaving customers waiting and frustrated – it’s important that business owners implement the right communication system. But with so many modern phones systems […]

Top VoIP trends for 2022

The telecommunications industry is moving rapidly, with new connections and technological solutions being adapted and integrated into the office space. As we move away from the limits of landlines and analogue technology, VoIP is undoubtedly emerging as the leading solution for business today. Here’s a look at some of the trends that are making this […]

Top 8 benefits of VoIP for your business

“Today’s customers expect transparency, agency, and quick issue resolution. What they don’t want is to sit in a 30-minute phone queue to talk to a customer service rep.” – Forbes   When it comes to running an effective business, internal and external communication is vital to ensure continuous flow, minimise friction and reduce unnecessary error. […]