Channel To Success

ECN focuses on its network and services and relies on its channel to identify opportunities and close deals.

It’s who you know that matters. So says Matthew Montagu, channel manager at ECN. “We rely on resellers and wholesalers to act as our sales channel,” he explains. “Because they generally have existing relationships within the various target accounts and often have access to the right people at the right level.”

The Cream of Communications

Fed up of feeling like a cash cow to its previous telecoms supplier dairy giant Clover decided it was time to look elsewhere.

For most of us understanding how our milk gets from a cow to our cornflakes is not something we put a lot of thought into. But like any commercial operation there are a lot of industrial and business processes that take place to get the carton into our fridge. Perhaps surprisingly to some is that Clover relies heavily on an outbound call centre to generate most of its own sales.

Better Together

With copper theft rife, Songimali saw a market opportunity to offer wireless telecoms services, and ECN was more than willing to help.

Catering effectively to every market sector is very challenging. Often this creates the potential for partnerships to be formed. One such example is the relationship which exists between ECN and telecoms reseller, Songimali. “When ECN started, we had no cost-effective model for servicing smaller customers,” says Andy Openshaw, ECN’s chief commercial officer.