A New Home for the ECN Family

ECN Head Office in Midrand ECN, being one of the fastest growing businesses in the Reunert group, got the go ahead to move into new premises earlier this year. There was great care taken to ensure that each and every aspect of the new office was exactly aligned to the vision and aesthetic flow that […]

IP PBX vs Virtual PBX vs Analogue PBX

In today‚Äôs world of high speed communication, a business needs to make sure that it stays on-top of their technologies and infrastructure. New technologies are continuously being introduced to the market that make the ability to do business faster, cheaper and more efficiently an everyday occurrence. We have a look at three of the major […]

What is Virtual PBX?

virtual pbx

What is a Virtual PBX System? Virtual PBX is an inexpensive inbound phone system that transmits calls over the Internet as data using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), that is owned and maintained offsite by a VOIP service provider. Virtual PBX usually only handles inbound calls and is an ideal solution for small business customers […]